PQC: Folks, first as you watch this documentary you may think that China and Chinese are so… so… stupid and cruel, heartless and brainless… and you are right! However, you are only half right!

Look at your own country and yourselves with laws and regulations! Are you now doing stupid, heartless and brainless things according to stupid, heartless and brainless laws and regulations?

Oh I am terribly sorry! I did not know that you are just law abiding citizens, and you are just doing your jobs! Government needs to do that for the collective good of society.. etc Right?

Anyone remember the forced sterilization law? Uhmm where did this horrible thing take place?

Anyone remember the “child removal policy” in which children were forcibly taken away from their parents? Uhmm where did this horrible thing take place?

And right now, regardless of where you live you can see all this heartless and brainless things in your nation’s bureaucracy and technocracy system. Or you just look right at your own government’s thuggery forces a.k.a the Police and the Army and you will see it all!

Not to mention feeding, sheltering hungry homeless people are crimes! Rescuing, helping refugees are crimes!

Such insanity can happen anywhere, everywhere, any time, every time as long as people, you yourself, still believe in the Power of the State!

Ask yourself what would you do in such situation? Would you defy the law, against the government, and risk everything to be righteous and to uphold morality and humanity?

Put down your hands and stop pointing finger at others!