Trịnh Công Sơn

PQC: This song “Một Buổi sáng Mùa Xuân” (One morning in the spring) was written by the most famous Vietnamese prolific anti-war composer during the Vietnam War, Trịnnh Công Sơn (February 28, 1939- April 1, 2001). Sơn was the only composer who recorded the War truthfully through his musics without any political bias or propaganda to any sides. Ironically, many of his songs still have been banned in Vietnam till this day! A large part of the Vietnamese community abroad still considers this decent human being, a gifted composer as “traitor” ! The War ended almost 45 years ago!

One morning in the spring

Composed by Trinh Công Sơn- Arranged and performed by Yoshi Imamura & Liz Kinon

Lyrics translated by PQC.

One morning in the spring,
A child was walking down on the field
The child stepped on a landmine,
Its corpse lost its legs.

One morning in the spring,
The child’s chest was blown into pieces.
Thousands of flowers on the field
were bending down staring at its heart.

Oh! My dear innocent, your school re-opened this afternoon.
In the playground your friends and teachers stood silently.
The lesson about love was just written on fresh new paper,
Why today, has its ink already faded away?

One morning in the spring,
A child was lying silently.
Its hands still held some weeds
with slender yellow flowers.

One morning in the spring,
A motionless child was lying
its lips seemed to be asking in a whisper
If heaven exists?


Original Lyrics

Một buổi sáng mùa xuân
Một đứa bé ra đồng
Đạp trái mìn nổ chậm
Xác không còn đôi chân

Một buổi sáng mùa xuân
Ngực đứa bé tan tành
Ngàn hoa đồng cỏ nội
Cúi xuống nhìn con tim

Em thơ ơi chiều nay trường học lại
Trong sân chơi bạn và thầy im lời
Bài học về yêu thương trên giấy mới
Sao hôm nay nét mực đã phai

Một buổi sáng mùa xuân
Một đứa bé yên nằm
Bàn tay cầm cỏ dại
Có hoa vàng mong manh

Một buổi sáng mùa xuân
Một đứa bé im lìm
Bờ môi dường thầm hỏi
Có thiên đường hay không