PQC: Apart from all the “amazing things” you see. My concern is about the real life of people under statist capitalism. America has been a shithole of greed, cheat, and fraud. China is no exception, of course!

The Japanese, the Koreans could not do it! The Chinese have just picked up though very impressive. I have not seen any sign of a true transformation from nationalism that China needed to beat the West in real term.

My guessediction is that in 20 years if China does not transform from its “nationalistic culture” Chinese nationalism will kill China itself. Any society that plays with nationalism will be destroyed by that very nationalism itself. History has proven decisively that nationalism will give only in short term but will take away everything in long term! There is no exception.

Anyway, the whole humanity will be destroyed by its own technology, Look around you, you are seeing it already taking place!