PQC: Victims are always from poverty just as where foot-soldiers of the national army are from. That’s why THEY, the small bunch of criminals a.k.a elites, create and maintain poverty at all cost! That’s why there has always been a constant war on poor people but there has never been a war on poverty! Never will be!

Without poverty there is no filthy rich! Without poverty there is no Risna for them, the “respectables” to exploit and abuse. Is that simple!

So, Listen to this woman, folks, she picks up and analyzes all things that MSM and “Experts” just conveniently ignore! However, I forgive her for not mentioning (or omitting) the MOSSAD part, which explains in details how this white “high IQ” college dropout became “teacher” and “tax expert” and later ultimately “talented financier” super rich. Either does She not know or does not want to go into this “dangerous” anti-Jews water is understandable. That’s why she mainly quoted the “New-Jew-Time”. Clever!

Anyway, To my “understanding”, or at least according to the current Jordan Peterson’s theory of Gene and IQ, this “Jeff Einstein” becomes rich and powerful because of his genetic superiority, high IQ, and so he must be “hardworking”, honest, and “law-abiding” citizen! It’s scientifically proven folks!

You think I am joking? Look at the clown in tweet and his sons, son in law and daughters, Sarah Palin, Sheldon Adelson etc and many many of them… They all have high IQ, are hardworking, honest, and law abiding citizens, are they?

As always the last word is yours!