PQC: Folks, I am very glad that I seemed to be WRONG about the “response” of China to the USA’s hubris and arrogant stupidity.

The reason I said “I SEEMED TO BE WRONG” -not outright wrong- is that China did respond and stood up to the USA but in a “just enough” way which is very disproportional to the “royal flush” hand China has. Ren Zhengfei the daughter of Huawei Chairman is still “in jail” in Canada and no Jewish Yankee big-shot has been touched anywhere in China…Yet!

As I have said that China had everything in its hands not just to retaliate, but to teach the Yankee a lesson or two. With the sheer force of billion Chinese consumer power, completely cut off (stop buying) USA agricultural products is just one. There are many things apart from military area that China can do to stand up to the USA and the West. But so far China has still been humiliated, the USA is not blinking yet!

But for me at least, I will be jumping for joy if China categorically prove me wrong completely this time by launching not just a Chinese Cellphone OS but a new computer OS – or at least internally “promoting” one of Chinese developed Linux distro for all PC sales in China, and starting the “investigation” into Sheldon Adelson’s Macau gambling network as Ron Unz suggested!

Remember Linux is open source and free, China does not need to start a Linux OS from crash. China can “introduce” a law that forces the sale of every PC in China must be pre-installed with Free China Linux.

If this happen, firstly You can imagine how happy those PC manufacturers will be for they no longer have to pay Microsoft for MSwindows license. The cost will be lower as well as the sale price! It’s a win win for PC manufacturers and Chinese consumers! And you know what the face of Bill Gate would look like!

With hundreds of millions if not billions users, the Chinese Linux OS will be improved and expanded very fast , which in turn enables China become less dependent on USA/Microsoft , thus China cyberspace “security” will be improved tremendously.

IMHO, China does not need and should not develop its own propriety OS for both PC and Cellphone. For this will cost China to much to compete with the already established Ms-windows. Furthermore China propriety OS will isolate and limit China engagement and influence over the global communication network. Instead China should make use of one of the already established open source Linux OS which already has millions users world wide. In this way with the open source and free Linux OS (both for cellphone and PC), China will do the world the great favor by breaking the monopoly of the USA , and in turn this will help China engage closer with the rest of the world without the US’ domination. With billion users from China. Chinese developers would strengthen the OS by improving it with more apps and hosting more Linux servers in China.

I can imagine the positive impact on the PC OS market will be once China suddenly added hundreds of millions, even billions Linux PCs and smartphones connecting to the world wide web and global communication networks. This will be reducing the market share of the MSwindows OS and Android world wide also by hundred millions! The US monopoly/domination will be over!

But not only that! THINK OF THE CHAIN REACTION and SNOWBALL EFFECT in terms of other related products folks, The Yankees will shit in their pans literally!

When the host Yankees shit on their pans, the parasitic Jews, who have been dependent on and using the Yankees to bully others for them, will be trembling, to say the least.

The only option left for the Yankees is go to war under the Jewish pressure, which IMHO, as I repeatedly analyzed, is very unlikely! The world today is not 1945! Without the Yankees and the Europeans, the bullying parasitic Jews would never do it alone even with the complicity of the Russia. (One must always bear in mind that Russia always has close tie with the Russian Jews in Jewish State!) The ME is no longer in 1967! Iran and Hezbollah and even Iraqi Shia are no longer afraid of the Yanks and the fucking Jews. And even the tiny Philippines have given their middle finger to the USA and even the Vatican! Who would have thought!

However the most important role in all of this is China, who has… uhm sort of woken up…just half way …. China will truly wake up only when it has the courage, the confidence, and the wisdom to transform itself in the way that will give confidence to its own newly rich Chinese to happily stay in China instead of moving out to the West, and the confidence to the rest of the world who are sick and tired of the Jewish West to move in China to make their lives as new Chinese. Otherwise China is just another Japan.

If China decides to do this, the whole world will benefit from this outcome. So China, for the sake of yourself and that of the world, just do it!

Well, I am not holding my breath…but all I can do now is … wait and see! (Sadly, I may not be around when China is actually truly wake up 🙂

Nevertheless, this time I am very happy to admit I was wrong about China “spinless to the powerful” (I feel very sick as I am looking at the Japs and the Gooks right now)