Cop Murders Woman while trying to Kill her Dog….One of Endless More

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor – August 4, 2019

No question the victim had it coming. She may have had some Hispanic blood, or Italian, though she had blue eyes. Police, in their frenzy to kill dogs protecting their property or simply asking to be petted, which is most cases, over and over murder civilians.

I can think of one case in Toledo where parents were angry. Their son, home from Iraq, was sleeping on the couch…zoned out on his VA meds. They called police to come and wake him up, a “welfare check.” Instead, when he failed to answer them…out on Trazodone…the local cop simply put a .40 cal into his head.

True story, in a town where a local priest, Father Gerald Miller, murdered a local nun during a black mass held in the chapel of Mercy Hospital, 4 other local Jesuits in attendance including the head of a local girls catholic high school…ritual stabbing with knives right out of that Gregory Peck movie…and it took 20 years to arrest him.

Police protected him for years just like two departments not just protected but ferried girls to Mar a Lago and the Epstein estates as well.

Then again, there are endless stories like this but mostly, for me, it is the killing of veterans in wheel chairs who pull out their phone which looks exactly like a World War I German Luger (Mauser mfg) when police see it, despite how it looks on bodycam…or tase and choke out non-white teens while laughing and doing play by play with their buddies watching…commenting on how the killing is premeditated. See a problem here?

Funny thing, no postman or UPS driver has this trouble, and they see 50 times the dogs anyone else does. Perhaps if we armed them, they might go on murder rampages as well…

“Amazon delivery driver kills family of 4, says overly friendly kitten drove him to it…”