PQC: Folks, As an ex-Vietnamese who was heavily brainwashed with “our special, unique race, great ancestors, and unique nationalism“, I can tell you now that we all have been not only lied to but also badly infested with madness, ignorance, and stupidity by the .01% .

I was taught and dragooned to proudly believe that the Viets were “distinctive” and “superior” to everyone else particularly the Chinese!

Yeah right! You can see that now huh! And the so-called today “Han Chinese,” (who are a combination of a bunch of peoples in that large region and adopted the name Han since the Han dynasty began) like many idiots out there around the world, still believe this same shit! Actually there has been a “big debate” on race, gender, and nationalism going on right now (i.e in UNZ Review) with all the big-names that supposed to know better but turned out did not, have participated!

As the Viets alone, “we” successfully terminated, extinguished (or complete genocide) at least two nations which all the “Viets” (including those Viets descendants of the genocide victims!) have been taught to be very proud of till today! In the national Viet-education system, it’s proudly called “The great southward advance for territorial expansion and the total assimilation of the South by the Greater Việt Ancestors “ (Cuộc Nam Tiến Vĩ Đại Mở Mang Bờ Cõi và Đồng Hóa của Tổ Tiên Đai Việt). The irony is that the majority of Vietnamese dynasties is Chinese/ Northern descendants! With perhaps the only one exception is the Later Le Dynasty 1428 to 1789 which was established by Emperor Lê Lợi (1384- 1433) who was a Mường, the original native Viets in the region! Sorry to bore you with this, but I just want to show You how “complicated” and bullshit about race and nationalism are!

Every People of very nation is proud of thieving and murdering!

You know what really happened as every “people” of every “nation” did this proud act of civilization of nationalism and patriotism, don’t you!

Imperialism is just a logical second stage of nationalism. The winner claims the empire, the losers whine their victimhood in bitter patriotism, just like the Vietnamese are doing these days: they are whining about the Chinese expansionism while pretending nothing happened to the Cambodians, and Laos! Even the bloody Yankees are whining about the Chinese Expansionism! (In 2014, I did have my take on the “Chinese Awakening under Global Statism” (Quan Điểm Nhìn Về Sự Kiện Trung Quốc– sorry folks it is in Yiddish!) in which I commented that what China had done so far was “natural and legitimate” and “unavoidable” and “inevitable.” as far as the Stastism of the current world is concerned!

(Trong bối cảnh của hệ thống “định chế nhà nước” hiện tại của thế giới, sự kiện tiến trình Trung quốc, một đế quốc lâu đời với dân số lớn nhất thế giới, nhưng bị lạc hậu trì trệ trong mấy trăm năm qua sau khi từng đứng đầu, đi trước thế giới về định chế tập quyền và nông nghiệp với một số công nghệ, đã bắt đầu vươn lên tái xác định vị thế của nó qua sự trợ giúp đầu tư và kỹ thuật từ Âu Mỹ- cũng như đang khẳng định khu vực và tầm ảnh hưởng của nó trên thế giới trong mọi lãnh vực, là một điều “tự nhiên chính đáng“, tất yếu không thể tránh!) (In the context of the world’s current statist system, the action of China, a millennia-old empire with the world’s largest population, but has been stagnant and backward in the past hundred years, after having been at the forefront, ahead of the world in establishing centralized authority and institutions, and agriculture, and technology. It now has begun to reaffirm its position in the world, through investment and technical assistance from Europe and the USA, declaring its status in the region and asserting its influence around the world in all fields and areas, is a “natural” and “legitimate” process . This is inevitable and unavoidable!)

Who the fuck are the Han Chinese, the Kinh Vietnamese , and Where Are They All From?

That’s how statism works! I disagree with Ludwig von Mises in certain economic and monetary issues (I am an economist and political scientist myself in a formal definition of the words) but absolutely concur with him that “Whoever wishes peace among peoples must fight statism”

The proud pure race of Europeans! Genghis Khan, what the fuck did you do to these “great peoples of Europe?”

And did you know what happened when these “backward Europeans” had learned how to advance all the inventions and discoveries from the pioneers in the East and Africa? It’s called the Western Colonialism, which all these “used to be great” Middle Easterners, Africans, and Asians are now whining about!

And don’t even forget that these Europeans also murdered one another to form their own Nations and States under one fucking Jewish God: Christianity! In one word, it’s all bunch of the same shit, the repeat of what had taken place in the East thousand years earlier!

Well, that’s all the PAST now you would say, right?

Be honest at least with yourself! Were you one of them? Are you still one of them now?

So don’t complain and whine about the fucking Jews, for these fucking Jews have just played this stupid,mad, delusional game of power better than anyone of you! At least so far!

By the way, did you realize that You, all of you have voluntarily handed them the cangues, the shackles, the fetters, the Guillotine yourselves. They have never controlled you directly! Because they just cannot! and do not need to! All they need to do is to control what you believe: God, The State and Its Government! With which they are empowered by none other than yoiu, to decide, devise, and design what you drink, eat, think, and do! In one word they decide how you live… and you not only just obey as “law abiding citizens” but also condemn, curse, and mock those who dare to expose their crimes, frauds to you and dare to resist and defy them!

Therefore If you really and truly want to fight those fucking Jews, AT LEAST, do as some of the self-hate Jews have been doing: DO AWAY ALL MINOR DIFFERENCES, STOP FIGHTING EACH OTHER, FOCUS TO FIGHT THESE REAL FUCKING JEWS NOT FOR NATIONALISM, NOT FOR PATRIOTISM OR RACISM in any SHAPE and FORM but for THE COMMON FREE HUMANITY! Otherwise you will never win! For these fucking Jews know how to play Statism (racism, nationalism, patriotism, political correctism) in multiple fronts and sides much better than you all do! That’s the fact! That’s why and how they have controlled all of you right from within your societies not from without!

As always Folks! The last word is yours! Just remember that we all will be gone very soon, each of us! Life is too short indeed! And that even this planet has passed billions of years and will be gone one day in perhaps billions years later. No body knows when, but it will come to and end one day! Think of this and live accordingly. It’s all up to you, folks!