Italy judge: Teen claims he knifed officer in self-defense

2 US teens jailed in Italy in policeman’s killing

PQC: We all do not know what really happened. And probably we will never do. But these two young men are already “guilty” in the mind of the “public” and in the “eyes” of Governments.

We all also know HOW these government’s thugs would “deal” with “suspected” people under their power.

Thousands in both countries have already “mourned” and paid “respect” to the government-thug while there has been no words in defense of these two young men except their lawyers and probably, just probably their families!

Personally, I take my hat off to these young brave men regardless of whatever really happened.

1-They dared to, with bare hands, fight back to those government thugs rather than would have been suffered “I CAN’T BREATH”.

2- They did nothing wrong. They did not steal. They did not kill. They were enjoying their vacation and trading the stuffs that governments do not like!

Look at what Governments have done in “Epstein affairs”.

Look at WHAT Governments have been trading to one another: GUNS, BOMBS, POISONOUS GAS! PEDOPHILES, RAPISTS, and MURDERERS!

Look at how many INNOCENT CHILDREN and WOMEN that governments and their thugs have murdered so far!

Look at how much damage governments and their thugs have been inflicting upon people lives and destroying people’s properties!

I have said enough, have I?

Oh… I am sorry I did not know that you’ve been sobbing for the thug!