PQC: Folks, I told you my wish and my dare were that Government would bans crypto money. Now it’s going to be uhm… not outright ban but just (again) “accusation” and “mud throwing”. OK, I am very excited for at least now crypto-currency is officially accused and condemned by the Empire of Cheats and Frauds a.k.a the USA!

I am really happy and excited, indeed! Lets ‘see how they, those governments and their “experts” (translation: well trained parrots and charlatans) will make a fool of themselves again and again! As I told you folks that even the fucking God, Yahweh could not ban a single thing at day one despite the “fact” that this all-powerful-creator ruled only two brand-new human beings! I guaranty you that these two were not made in China at all! So absolutely there was no malfunction with these holly-goods! Except it’s pure Jewish products! Indeed! 🙂

Anyway, you folks should remember that, according to these wishful thinking statist worshipers, Bitcoin has died 371 times since it was born in 2009- Bitcoin Obituaries – or at least Bitcoin would be crashed down at some hundreds US dollars!

By the way, Did any of you folks heed my advice of entering/buying Bitcoin several months ago when Bitcoin was $3000USD and again when it was $7000USD?