PQC: Folks, this podcast conversation is quite interesting. Chucking out all the bullshit about religious stuffs that K.Barrett tried to preach, the conversation does have some very good points about the fucking Jews.

I tried to embed the audio but failed. So please click the link to listen to the conversation in its entirety, as I strongly recommend.

I personally disagree with both of them in most of issues. But they deserve the support from true liberty loving people. They are brave persons who fearlessly stand up for what they believe, and say what they really think regardless. That’s liberty and free speech are all about.


Linh Dinh, America’s greatest gonzo-journalist-in-exile, argues that “people just want to be left alone, so they can just eat simple food, drink cheap beer, and have conversations. But unfortunately life isn’t that unmolested. That’s been a constant theme in my writing and in my thinking.”

I’m not so sure about the cheap beer—my life and conversations have been much better since I gave that stuff up—but other than that, Linh may be on to something.

Linh says “I’ve always advocated boycotting the American elections. Americans need to make a stand, they have to declare to history that they’re not behind this. They need to boycott the next presidential election and say ‘this is not in our name, these people don’t represent us.’ But Americans can’t get that far. They get fooled over and over again.”

Challenged about his use of the J-word, Linh says: “What I object to is the Jewish ideology. I’m not objecting to Jewish as an ethnicity. Ron Unz, who publishes me without censorship, is Jewish. I’m not against Ron or his family. That would be absurd! I have many Jewish friends, and I have nothing against their ethnicity. But Jewish thinking, I’ve come to find out, is toxic. It’s a racist ideology, responsible for so much suffering.”

I question Linh about precisely which Jewish ideologies he is talking about. From where I sit, there are some terrible ones, including neoconservatism, Likudnik Zionism and associated currents of messianic millenarianism; but also some not-so bad ones like Rabbi Michael Lerner‘s left-liberal “healing-the-world” approach and Rabbi Dovid Weiss‘s interpretation of chosenness as “held to a higher moral standard.” Marc Ellis‘s take on Prophetic vs. Constantinian Judaism is also worth checking out.

So who’s right? Listen and figure it out for yourself.