PQC: I don’t want to be distracted by this “Epstein”. In this blog I did report this “saga” at length and in detail back in 2016 (Lại Một Tổ Chức Buôn Bán Tình Dục Cưỡng Dâm Trẻ Em của Giới Quyền Chức Âu Mỹ Do Thái Bị Phanh Phui!) Sorry folks, it was mainly in Yiddish! 🙂 – Set these fucking Jews that the MSM dares not to mention aside for a moment, just listen to this segment carefully so that YOU can see WHAT your beloved “justice system” and political system truly are and HOW they do really work! If you don’t want to face the truth because you cannot handle it, fine with me! But don’t ever bullshit about your “demoncraczy” government” (not a typo)! The truth is “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, does not exist in the earth.” Never will be!