PQC: Well, well, well ! It’s all deja-vu, is it not, folks!

They get fiat papers/electronic numbers from thin air from “youknowwhom”
They make profits by screwing You up
They are protected for screwing You up
They are rewarded after screwing You up

When you, your kids’ schools, your hospitals need money, say some hundreds of millions, THEY say THEY cannot find money to pay for that.
When Banks need bail-out … Voila, trillions instantly!

This Is new phenomenon right? Nope!

THEY “sacrifice” (a.k.a spend) millions dollars just to get mere-hundred thousands-dollars job!
You “Vote” THEM in and pay THEM high, even lie for and to defense THEM, even die for and to protect THEM , give THEM high respect, special privileges, and Absolute Authority Power…just to rule over YOU, take your money, screw you up, beat you up and …kill you if you dare object and stand up to THEM! It’s all just for your own good! What a wonderful perfect logic it is!

Do you recognize THEM?