Don’t get distracted by Epstein! Have three years of Russian Gate taught you anything? They all are guilty, as they all have ever been. At the end of the day, they will get away with it after all!

Look at the impending war in ME, Your sons, daughters, husbands, wifes … are going to kill other people you don’t know, who have done nothing to you. Your sons, daughters, husbands, wifes … are send to be killed … for what and for whom?

If you don’t care about “international affairs” then at least pay serious attention to what’s happening to your livelihood, your rights, your liberty, your safety, right here at home. The probability that you get shot by government thugs, die of food that are unfit to eat, water that is unfit to drink, medicines that are unfit to take, cars that are unfit to drive, planes that are unfit to fly, bridges that are unfit to cross … is much higher than you might be killed by a terrorist or by Syrians, Hamas, Hezbollah. or Iranians for that matter.

Right now, while you are stupidly taking side arguing pro and con to all sort of black vs white, migrant-refugee and sexual sandals, your economy is getting screwed up, you are going to pay more for everything while your earning is shrinking. Again I have to repeat, your food are more unfit to eat, your water is more unfit to drink, medicines are more killing than curing , your cars are more unfit to drive and more expensive to maintain, airplanes are more dangerous to fly, your bridges are more unfit to cross...your national education curriculum is more brainwashing than educating… And last but not least, your loved ones are being sent into the harm way in Middle East.

The worst is coming, and they do not want you to know by distracting you with all the sensational things you want to hear!

Your life, your choice anyway!