Dear Friends,

For the last three weeks, I have checked and tested all my YANDEX.COM email accounts and I have come to a conclusion that YANDEX has been interlocked with the Jewish West in monitoring and controlling people. My Yandex accounts have been monitored for quite some time before being blocked. For months I wondered why I had no incoming mail at all. And every time I attempted to send an email I was forced to answered stupid CAPTCHA and a demanding for Mobil phone number. I then setup a new email account with different company and used it to send testing emails to my Yandex… None arrived! Some without even error feedback! It means my testing encrypted emails have gone to “youknowwhere” !


Thus, If you are using Yandex, please be cautious and careful even if you are Russian citizens. Unless you were living in a different planet, You know that your country Russia had been under Talmudic force since October 1917 and now hardly any better.

Last but not least, so far I found is wonderful in term of respecting and protecting privacy with its own built-in encryption method. But I still prefer GPGUSB and Kleopatra. Nonetheless, If you are looking for a good, reliable webmail service, I strongly recommend . You can come and see it for yourselves. Just setup a free account and test it for yourselves and you will see what I mean and why I strongly recommend it to all of you!


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