PQC: I wholeheartedly concur with PCR on this argument. However, IMHO, Caitlin Johnstone herself like many Westerners, is so arrogant and dishonest in her way of reasoning and conclusion . She knew she was lying!

First, by definition, Democracy means the People have the POWER over and the RESPONSIBILITY for their country affairs and for the oversight of THEIR GOVERNMENT! The USA, the West are not North Korea!

Second, particularly in democracy, Government tells lies does not necessarily mean to deceive people but more often than not Government has to tell the lies that the people want to hear. That ‘s exactly what the clown has been doing and his “people” love him and love to hear him lying especially anti color migrant stuffs ! The same is true to Killary the bitch and her supporters, who love to hear Russia-gate story! Fact does not matter! People deserve their government!

Anyway, Just look at her own country and her people, the Australians! Have Australians innocently been lied to about Julian Assange, who is one of them – Melbournian like me by the way, or have they chosen to be indifferent to him?

Dare you tell Caitlin Johnstone about 911 conspiracy facts, I bet she would either shrug off or jump up and spew out all sort of “mainstream facts”. Yes she did just that!

“”I often get conspiracy buffs asking/telling me to write about this or that theory of 9/11 or the JFK assassination or whatever, and I’m just like, dude, have you seen the stuff they’re doing in broad daylight??” Caitlin Johnstone

What would you expect from such writer? The fact that more than 3,000 (three thousands) experts, scholars, engineers, ex-officials, ex-military personnels have proven with scientific facts and evidences that the official story of 911 is just a story COULD NOT even change her belief in the “official story” is very telling about this Caitlin Johnstone!

Shhhhhhhhh! Don’t tell her that she has been lied to. She is not Joe sixpack or Jane soccermom! For fuck sake, she is a journalist! even an alternative one! Thus, It’s not “undue optimism” but arrogant and dishonesty!

Be Wary of Undue Optimism

June 24, 2019

Be Wary of Undue Optimism

Paul Craig Roberts

Caitlin Johnstone, one of my favorite commentators whose columns I often repost, apparently has felt some pressure from some readers for a bit of optimism.  She found it in the “underlying goodness” of Americans who must be deceived into war.  If Americans were really bad, she says, they would not have to be deceived and manipulated into going to war.  She concludes that the fact that they are deceived and manipulated means that it is not their fault.  As Caitlin puts it, “We must be vigilant in directing our anger at the manipulators and not the manipulated. It’s always the conman’s fault, never the victim.”  Thus does she absolve Americans for any responsibility for the massive crimes their country has committed against other peoples.  https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2019/06/22/the-fact-that-americans-need-to-be-deceived-into-war-proves-their-underlying-goodness/ 

This will go down well with most Americans as long as it only applies to the US.  But what if she made this same case in behalf of the Germans during the Third Reich?  She would be thoroughly denounced and demonized.  

The column is not one of Caitlin’s best.  It is always more comfortable to blame others than ourselves.  Before writing this column, Caitlin might have benefitted from recalling the old adage: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

What Caitlin overlooks is that there is something desperately wrong with Americans that they can be consistently fooled again, and again, and again, and yet again, and never catch on.  Their gullibility is especially difficult to comprehend in face of the 21st century’s concentrated dose of deceptions—9/11, Afghanistan, Saddan Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Iranian nukes, Russian invasions, MH-17, the long list of lies about Gaddafi, the bombings of Pakistan, Maduro starving his own people–one deception rapidldy following the other and never does a doubt arise in the good Americans’ minds.  

Before accusing me of being a male chauvinist for “attacking a woman,” rest assured that Caitlin can take care of herself.