Folks, in the past I introduced you a small encryption program GPGUSB. This is a small portable for quick encryption for text message only. It’s extreme convenient and useful because you can carry it with you and do the encryption/descryption whenever and wherever you are with any linux and IBM compa-pc you can access to. However, since it is a small portable encryption program, it cannot encrypt photos, large documents. audio, videos files etc… Thus it’s time for me to introduce you to a full GPG tools, GPGWIN (GPA and Cleopatra), which can encrypt every thing of your private files. If you love and cherish freedoms and privacy, you will need and love this tools! I’ve been using them for years along side with Bitlocker in Windows PC!

Would you love to UPLOAD or/and EMAIL some of your private photos, some of your private movie clips that no one can actually watch and see them although they can copy and download them into their computer and just look at them as mere blank file name, except those people you specifically allow them to watch and see the content of these videos and photos?

Or just say you have a bunch of private files (docs, photos, videos, audios etc) stored in a PC or a HD, a USB … and somehow You just lost them somewhere..or they were stolen! Yeah this “accident” happens to everyone all the time!

But your mind is still at peace! Because You had encrypted them with GPGWIN (Cleopatra GPA) thus Only You and those whose names you chose can actually see the content, but to all the rest these are just useless file names.

Folks, all you have to do is download this wonderful open source GnuGPL licensed GPGWIN, install it and run! It’s simple, and straight forward. very easy to use!

For Linux go here

Every tools you need are there for you. All you need is your love for liberty, your self-respect for your own privacy and your will to be self-responsible!

If you want to regurgitate the zombied mantras “I have nothing to hide”. So be it, be my guest! After all, it’s your life. All I do is spreading information around just in case someone may not know and really want to know.