PQC: Yes, it’s true IRAN is not IRAQ. IRAN is not any Muslim nation at all. Iran has not only the technology though is not as advanced as it should be, but also industrial potential as a whole. That’s exactly the reason why IRAN has to be taken down or at least weakened. That’s the fucking Jews’ wish, and the West and the Yanks will obey this wish with pleasure!

That’s why this problem will never go away until someone in the Muslim world become wiser and dare enough to teach these fucking Jews a lesson, a real, true bigger lesson than that of Hezbollah taught them in 2006. This is a historic task. And this historic task must be on IRAN and Hezbollah’s shoulders. Because, after the 1967 Six-Day War, no one else in the Muslim world has the capacity and especially the courageous will to tackle the Jews while the West has become the Jews’ dutiful slaves. Or to be precise with reality, this historic duty is on the Shia’s shoulders, unfortunately!

Shooting down a US Drone, although is something but really not a true achievement, for the bullying Yanks are just the Jews’ slaves. The head of the poisonous snake is the Jews. Thus, the problem in the ME will be settled and resolved easier, or at least out of imminent danger, if someone in the Muslim world, in this case, IRAN and Hezbollah manage to cast away their unfounded fear of the Jews and start to shoot down every plane, drone, to sink every ship of the Jewish state, and send every Jewish thug and war criminal back to their Yahweh. If IRAN and Hezbollah can do that, IRAN and Hezbollah will not only save themselves but also help Western world too. For IRAN and Hezbollah will show the Western world that these fucking Jews are not “special”, not God-chosen shit at all! And this will be the beginning of the end of the Jewish state. The whole Palestine will be a society for everyone who wish to live there and the word “Goyim” will become obsolete and archaic in world dictionaries!