PQC: Can you see how stupid the clown actually is? F. William Engdahl and this PQC blog knew and said clearly that this criminal clown is just a project. I even went further to suggest that all the tweets are not his, but a Cabal’s special task-force works. It has been vindicated that the Clown is their project as everyday has passed by. In fact in many occasions when he is alone without scripts, this Clown has exposed himself as just a stupid clown without any real knowledge or real power at all.

But he, the clown, is not a problem. The problem, indeed very serious problem is that those supposed to be “smart”, “intelligent” such as Paul Craig Roberts, The Saker, Thierry Meyssan … are in a state of denial. They still kiss this clown ass with all sort of silly feeble apologetic excuses e.g “He is better than the psychopathic Killary” “He made good promises”. As matter of fact THEY ALL ARE PSYCHOPATHS with good promises!

These “intelligent” “smart” “experts” keep blaming everyone else around for all the crises, and the Clown is still a would be savior as if he were J.F.K reincarnation! These “experts” still “hope” somehow the Clown will stop being a clown!

Oh well! The whole Western world has become a comedic freak-show theater anyway!