PQC: Folks, I really don’t know if this is from Wikileaks or not. I did check and there’s nothing of this in Wikileaks website. I don’t know where this mixed footage come from. But it seems the “author(s)” purpose is to try to confuse people and throw mud at Wikileaks.

Julian Assange has been in high security confinement cell (meaning being tortured) and Chelsea Manning has been repeatedly arrested and under constant harassment and threat from the Yanks. The Yanks are trying hard to force her to sell out Julian Assange… And this “shit” comes out?

This kind of trick is so low, so cheap but dangerous.

You see all of my friends, the State and its government will stop at nothing to preserve their absolute power. They will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who dares to challenge them. They are always in advantage position because the majority is indifferent, stupid, and irresponsible.

Anyway, If you have free time, play around with this “mixed footage” hopefully you would find something interesting later! Otherwise just ignore it!