History has proven that Etienne De La Boetie was right and absolutely correct that tyrants exist and prolong not because of their brutality over the people but because of people’s voluntary servitude to authority. It’s customs, traditions that rule the people mind. That’s how statism works, and that’s how a tiny minority of one or two, or three successfully rule the majority of millions, billions. That’s how a mere kid, a retard became King / Queen. And in this modern “civilized and enlightened” age of 21thC, some mere criminals, clowns, or just idiots have become political leaders who literally hold the fate, life and death of billions people if not the whole planet! Whereas millions “intelligent”, “wise”, high “IQ” people are working as their cat-pawn and pawns.

What a logic! What a system! That’s Statism.

But…but…but We still need government, uhm…just small government!