PQC: Read the headline above, and tell me what you think! And read all these so-called reports below, tell me who would benefit from this so-call racial war, or rather “war on racism”?

Black Career Criminal “Randomly” Targets White 5-Year-Old Boy, Throws Him Off 3rd Floor Balcony at Mall of America

The State of White Supremacy in the U.S reported by ADL!

Racism and White Supremacy in Europe

I don’t want to fall in and waste my time and energy on this cheap trap of the fucking Jews like PCR and the likes have been! But I have to tell you, all of you out there whites, blacks, asians that you have been deceived and played by the Jews in this racial game.

But first, very importantly, Don’t tale me wrong. I deny neither white supremacism nor the existence of racism. They are there in almost everyone of us, or rather these “ideas” have been with us since time immemorial., since we began as territorial animals as we all were, and many of us still are literally animals. However, the fact that almost everyone of us is racist, and that every “race” thinks they are supreme, does not make racism is OK, or it’s right! Supremacism is simply wrong! Racism is simply wrong!

Do I hear some of you murmuring about “but nationalism, patriotism”? Oh my, if you do, you brain has been fucked up by their play of words! I don’t toy with such “dictionary crap”! I deal with reality. Nationalism is a cheap overcoat of racism and supremacy! And Patriotism is indeed the last refuge of a scoundrel as Samuel Johnson pronounced. But Just digress for now.

But then why do I say that all the so-called “anti-racism talks” these days are wrong and deceitful ?

Because these Talmudic anti-racism- anti supremacism “movements” are designed to make you think that ONLY WHITES are racists or/and the worst racists and supremacists of mankind , and that the worst victims are the Jews, who on the contrary are actually the worst perpetrators of all!

I said several times in this blog that Asians are worse racists than the whites. Do you think the Vietnamese, the Chinese love blacks, or even just browns? How many African-Asian crossed-marriages have you seen or known? Do you know what the Vietnamese, the Chinese talk about other “races”, particularly about those whose skins are darker than “theirs” in their daily private conversation?” (Don’t forget that I was one of them both Chinese and Vietnamese) . Do you know what the Vietnamese Catholics think and talk about other non-Catholics Viets and vice versa? Do you know what the rich Vietnamese think, talk about, and how they treat their own poor Viets?

I am not going to give any “example” of these “accusations” above, because If you are an honest person, or at least being honest to yourself, you definitely would recognize that the above “accusation” do exist in your family, within your country among your own people, and perhaps still exists even in you, yourself right now, if you did not wake up and walked out of all those shits like many others and I did.

But the worst of all shit is the Talmudic Jews. If you really read their holiest Talmudic “laws” and “teachings” you will find that these fucking Jews are truly supremacists in the purest meaning of essence of the word! That’s why these Jews have tried every trick to distract and stop people talking about their Jewish racism and Jewish supremacy a.k.a the chosennesss. Among their most effective tricks are inciting and pitting the Goyim hate and fight among themselves. So “white privileges”, “white supremacy” have been chosen as focal point even though as a matter of fact, “white privileges”, “white supremacy” have been defeated by and replaced with “Jewish privileges”, Jewish supremacy” virtually throughout the West since the end of WWII.

[side talk] Do you want to challenge my “accusation?” Do you really want to put this to a test? OK, I dare you to go to any the public square in the Western world, stand there with a bullhorn and shout “down with the fucking whites” ! Can you predict what would happen to you? If you cannot, go and ask the Southern Poverty Law Center – (you would be held as their hero!)

Now, just stay there, but I dare you to change the “slogan”: shout “down with the fucking Jews!” instead. Can you predict what will happen to you? If you cannot go and ask Mel Gibson, David Irving. or you would instantly be sent to the netherworld talking to Ernst Zündel by government thugs a.k.a police

The most dangerous thing that the Jews have stealthily and successfully achieved is to make those who can see the Jewish power go against even the good things just because the Jews have kosherized them for their own agendas. (Did you know that the Jews had kosherized Mohamed Ali? Did you also know that the Jews had executed the Kennedies but kosherize the anti-Vietnam war and Civil Right movements- Did you know that the Jewwish Wall Streets had sponsored Trotsky and kosherized the so-called October revolution? Did you read or at least listen to one of the interviews of Prof Antony Sutton? Did you know that the Jews even kosherized Khomeini Iran Revolution?) Oh my my! These are so far-fetched aren’t they? That’s why they have always won and got away with everything! They knew people would never think outside the box, would never think of the unthinkable, and, so they’ve done all the “unthinkable”, all outside the “box”. If you are a Christian, did you know that the Jews spit on your Lord and his mother your Holy Mary?

Have you noticed that they Jews while promoting and showing off multiculturalism and universalism in Western world, but fervently against every bit of such ideas at their own home? The same is true for the Asians, at least for the Viets and the Chinks I know of. In public (of course in the West only) they would show off how progressive they are, But at home and in their own countries, they act and behave as if they lived in the 10th century! This must tell you volume not only about the Asians, the Jews but importantly about the “goodies” of the modern Western societies that everyone want to share them, of course in the West only, but not at their home! So ironic isn’t? Perhaps the most ironic thing of all is many Westerners started to despise and abandon their own goodies because the Jews have kosherized them and the Asians and others have abused them!

At any rate, I pick a very interesting case as “the case in point.” Have you noticed the so-called “IQ war”? If you have, what have you thought? Think carefully my friends for this “war” has been waged in a very subtle way. which has been mixed with “social scientific researches” and “social scientific findings”. Please try to question more and more! Why is this? Why is that? and Who would get the spoils of this “IQ war at the end of the day?”

I will give you my take on this IQ thing later. For now I rest my case.