PQC: Yellow Vets and French People have to realize that it’s not Macron they must fight against, but the fucking Jews right under their noses, they are Macron’ Masters. Since the Yellow Vets have been able to sustain and prolong their protest for such long time, the true rulers of France have tried every trick to demonize and distract people attention from Yellow Vets movement. Now the icon of Christianity of France, the Notre Dame is on Fire, I mean holocaust!

I am an atheist, but I am not dancing with joy to see this holocaust. But I know for sure that the fucking Jews are dancing now as they did during the holocaust of WTC on 911. And you must have known by now who set the fire: The holocaust masters!

Oh well. the whole Europe, the whole West has been already literally on Talmudic fire, holocaust for more than half of a century… and Western people have blamed it on … Asians and Arabs! Such “intelligent” people ought to deserve such destruction of a true holocaust, a Talmudic style of course !

PS: I did not make this up. Read the bloody Talmud and you know what I am talking about!