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I personally strongly recommend you folks to use this tiny encrypting program GPG USB to protect your privacy in this surveillance and info thieving age.

The purpose of using this encryption is not only to protect your privacy but also to force them, the government, corporate sniff-dogs, in order to violate your privacy they have to make real effort to read every single email of your private conversations instead of just read your emails in random in open.

Since they cannot read the content of your encrypted emails, they have to make effort to actually “open” them.

I have used GPG USB for years. It’s easy to use. GPG USB can encrypt not only your emails but also your audio, videos, documents in attachments or just any of your private document, video, audio in your own storage. This is a tiny utility apps but so useful in protecting your privacy. My inner circle and I have used this GPG USB to encrypt emails and attachments with great pleasure!

  • The most favorite feature of this tiny GPG apps is that it is portable in a USB! That means You don’t have to carry your PC around to write and read encrypted emails. All you need is a tiny USB with you, and can plug in to any PC (windows and Linux, but not MacOS)

The only problem is that YOU have to “convince” those people you communicate/correspond with to use GPG encryption like you do. I know it’s not an easy task. Since I “imposed” encryption is the non-negotiable condition to communicate/correspond with me, my contacts dropped down to just a few friends and relatives of my inner circle! To me, this experience has been a great improvement of my life. Since I no longer had to read rubbish news and deal with trivial issues!

However, if you are not careful, your computer can be compromised and the public keys can be altered by the government/corporate sniff-dogs. This happens when you send an encrypted email to B using B public keys, but B cannot open/ decrypt it with the message reads “there is no private keys present for this encryption/message..etc” This means the public keys of B has been altered at your Computer to become their Public Keys. Thus B cannot open- decrypt the email but THEY can, since it was encrypted with their public keys under B name in your GPG folder!

If this happens, STOP CORRESPONDING, and you have to clean your PC and re-import the original public keys… And just sending “test email” to your recipients to make sure they can properly decrypt your sent email!

Beware of public keys servers! Even MIT public keys server has been compromised!

By the way, If you don’t want to protect your privacy and repeat the stupid mantra “I have nothing to hide” then so be it. That’s fine with me.

I do not know about you. But to me, the fact is clear that if I just helplessly let people enter my empty room, go through my thin wallet, my mail box repeatedly without my protest, deep down I know that’s not just because these personal things of mine are empty and have nothing of importance, but because I am scared and feel helpless. Deep down I do resent it. But I have to make excuses to cover up my resentment and helplessness: “Well I have nothing to hide!”

My room is empty, but it is MY ROOM, no one can enter without my permission. My wallet may not have nothing of important at all, but this fact does not allow anyone going through it without my consent and permission. Simply because it is MY WALLET, no one has any right to go through it without my permission. But fear and cowardice have the better of me! Yet, the violation of my privacy become new normal! I have nothing to hide any more. I no longer have even myself!

Deep down in my soul I know I am just a slave who pretends to be a free-person.