I personally strongly recommend you folks to use this tiny encrypting program GPGUSB to protect your privacy in this surveillance and info thieving age.

The purpose of using this encryption is not only totally protect your privacy but also force them, the government, corporate sniff-dogs, have to make effort to read your private message that instead of just presenting to them in open.

If you want to repeat the stupid mantra “I have nothing to hide” the so be it. That’s fine with me.

My room is empty, but it is MY ROOM, no one can enter without my permission. My wallet has nothing of important at all, but this fact does not allow anyone going through it. Simply because it is MY WALLET, no one has any right to go through it without my permission.

I do not know about you. To me, the fact is clear that if I just helplessly let people enter my empty room, go through my thin wallet repeatedly without my protest, that’s not just because these personal things of mine are empty and of no importance, but undeniably deep down I resent it, but scared and feel helpless, then make excuse for being that. Deep down in my soul I know I am just a slave who pretends to be a free-person.