PQC: Liberty is liberty! Religion is a personal a private matter no matter how insane one belief may sound . It’s freedom of thought. But one must remember that when a belief is expressed in public, by corollary it invites others to comment and criticize favorably or unfavorably. One may feel free to engage in the conversation or just walk away. That’s how a healthy open society should be. But It’s totally wrong using coercive force i.e government law, to ban it. It’s true insanity!

I am an atheist, I am for freedom, freedom from coercion in whatever form. I comment, criticize religion when I feel I need to. But I also defend the right of a person’s belief and expression of such belief. If there is no steal, no kill, everything goes.

Religious Should Be Declared Insane and Banned From Politics

By VT Editors – April 8, 2019 0 138

The video is self-explanatory really, certainly it showcases why the delusional nutcases who still cling onto insane religious dogma should be banned from any involvement in politics:

Over here in Europe, if a politician did something like that, their career would be over and they would find themselves thrown out of office in short order. The US has lot of catching up to do….