PQC: After having watched this long interview, what I can only say is to present you folks with some excerpts from Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching:

Caution: There are many English translations around. This one is not perfect, but it’s a good one on line which I use for expediency

Chapter Three

By not adoring the worthy, people will not fall into dispute. By not valuing the hard to get objects, people will not become robbers. By not seeing the desires of lust, one’s heart will not be confused. Therefore the governing of the saint is to empty one’s mind, substantiate one’s virtue, weaken one’s worldly ambition and strengthen one’s essence. He lets the people to be innocent of worldly knowledge and desire, and keeps the clever ones from making trouble with their wits. Acts naturally without desire, then everything will be accomplished in its natural order.

Chapter Fifty-seven

Govern a nation with the right principle, Fight a battle with the tactics of surprise, Rule over the world with peace and natural effort. How do I know that this so? By the following: The more prohibitions that are imposed on people, The poorer the people become. The more sharp weapons the people possess, The greater is the chaos in the country. The more clever and crafty the people become, The more unusual affairs occur. The more laws and regulations that exist, The more thieves and brigands appear. Hence, the saint declares:
I act effortlessly with the Way of Tao, Thus, people transform themselves naturally. I love tranquility and peach, Thus, people naturally follow the right Way. I do not exhaust people with labor, Thus, people naturally are wealthy. I have no personal desires, Thus, people naturally are innocent and simple.

Chapter Fifty-eight

When the government is dull, People are simple and sincere. When the government is complex and stringent, People are cunning and shall cause trouble.

Calamity is what blessings depend upon. In blessings there hides the calamity. Who knows the ultimate end of the cycle of calamity and blessings? Is there no true principle that exists? The normal may revert and become unusual. The good may revert and turn into evil. Long indeed, man has been under such delusion. Therefore, the saint abides by firm principle and does not depart from it. He is honest and not mean. He is upright and not rue. He is honored and not eminent.