PQC: As I have written several times in this blog, China has everything it needs to be the hub of the world more than Russia does. But the problem is if they know how to implement these endowments. So far both Russia and China seem to have no clue. The colonial mindset, or rather I prefer the inferior complex toward the West still holds them back. Both China and Russia still have no real vision for the future except to fill up the belly of the elites with slapdash projects and dodgy operations to boost “nationalism”. Their main goal is still total control and holding to power Domestically both governments still imprison their citizens minds and suppress their potentials ironically with “nationalism”.

Personally I have no respect and no hope for Asia as a whole at least in the next 100 years. I know them well, I was one of “them”! China, India . Look at what they have done and are doing with their huge natural resources and numerous population? And look at the direction where the people migrate when they have a chance! What a nationalism that is!