PQC: As I have said, in the world today, only the Yanks and the Jews who do everything without explanation to anyone, even their own “demolazy”. Not only because they can, but mainly because all the Rest including even nuclear power Russia and China cowardly accept this “world order”. Look at the Putin-Russia, it even voluntarily explained to the Jewish West its operation in Venezuela where it did not have to.

The Vietnamese even without nukes, had managed to send back 58,000 of the Yankee murderers in body bags to their families, that made the Yankees ‘ home front” gone out on the streets. The bloody war ended. What if Putin-Russia did the same? Instead in Syria, many brave and bright Russians were killed by the Yanks and the Jews, and Putin-Russia still plays by the “rules”, by which the Yanks and the Jews do not!

I disagree with Paul Craig Roberts on many issues, but when it comes to Putin-Russia I agree with him wholeheartedly. It’s Putin flip-floping or rather inaction toward the Yanks and the Jews aggression that nurtures the hubris in the mind of the people in the West, especially that of who are living in “the land of fees and the home of corrupt thugs.”