PQC: Is this a surprise to you? Well, that’s statist Democrazy You “We the People” wish for. This small blog will soon become my “monologue” with “my own words” only… or worse extinct. Years ago in this blog I warned that the government noose was tightening and hoped that “the people” would wake up in a kind of “pitchfork” outrage. But I was wrong. Everyone has just been “doing their job” no matter what happens. “Don’t worry, Government will take care of all in the end”.

Anyway, I can live happily without the Internet, even without all the modern technology. Don’t blame the Jews on this. With or Without the Jews Governments will do its natural function: control, control, control!

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor – March 26, 2019

All fair use or even internet links to material will now be taxed, banned or criminalized in this new EU law.  All quoted material, any fair use analysis, all is now banned.

Criminal charges in the US can now be filed for violating European laws yet the US government itself withdrew from the ICC and Geneva Convention for exactly this reason.

Hyperlinks will be illegal without license including links to Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube.  Every link will require a paid license.

In order to enforce this, upload filters of almost endless power will search everything from website material to email, looking for “objectionable material.”

Everything seen online will be approved only, no more independent news on the internet in the EU.

In many cases, material you yourself create or own will now be assumed to be stolen or illegal and much if not all original content can be challenged by super-filters and we believe will.

I remember when my YouTube account, with 10m plus views, was taken down because, in a live video I filmed from Germany, signs along the road that were in the video included copyright material including a Coca Cola poster which happened to be in the background.

A second “hit” came from background music playing on the car radio.

This was 5 years ago.  There is a reason I recommended, at the outset, that VT ban all participation with Google and Facebook.