We all have talked about the fucking Jews, who have made this century upside down with you people are the main victims. There is no argument about this. And now is the time to talk about the victims, us, the “second class Goyim”

Even though I myself came from a former colonized country with a long bloody enslaved period by the Chinese and then the West, but, as I said, I am not qualified to wear your shoes given the endless suffering you have been enduring far beyond what the Vietnamese were.

Despite all of that, I blame the Vietnamese for the most part. Don’t forget that the Vietnamese successfully stole the land of at least two peoples of their neighbors and literately genocided them into extinction! Great race! Great history eh! But it’s not that I am complain about now.

What I still blame on the Vietnamese is they have never tried to better themselves in preparation to face their enemy. Instead they have kept fighting each other and oppress their own people, even right now with all the banner of Communism, socialism with Neo-Confucianism shit!

You my friends, the Muslims do have the same stupidly, or rather even worse. I do not and will not apologize for my harsh words., so please do not ask or demand for it.

Even Dr Mahathir Mohamed, a devoted Muslim had to say the same to his Muslim, his people. First he wrote the whole book about this problem of his Malays “The “The Malay Dilemma” , which I am sure many of you have read, then much later he commented :“The fact that Muslims have been more busy killing each other rather than Americans or Europeans has not changed the attitudes of the Europeans” .

The truth is that by religious belief, you Muslims hate each other and are ready to kill, murder each other more than any of your true enemies. Your leaders have never found way or given chance to better the life of your fellow Muslims even while your fellow Muslims have been suffered. Dr Mahathir and Hezbollah are not perfect but truly rare exceptions.

Look at the Palestine, how on earth the Palestinians could fight back effectively with such leaders as Hamas and PLO, who have been deceived, oppressed, and exploited their own people while in such dire situation of being occupied by the Jews!

One problem that has puzzled me even now is that a large number of you and I knew that ISIS is the creation of the Jews and the West (CIA, Mossad- I knew it right at the first day I heard of it), but the Muslim world virtually did not really try to expose it, except some individuals. Many hothead Muslims have been tricked by a cheap dream of “glorious caliphate”of the past and the will to fight back after all the suffering. None of your leaders tried to tell them, your naive Muslims, that under such Arab Muslim name and title are the Jews and the Yanks at the top of leadership of ISIS. Turkish and Arab Saudi have even played along with this evil project. Even right now after all that have been revealed, the Muslim world still officially go along with their narrative except some very brave and righteous independent western journalists, who kept telling the truth.

You and I know that the West in general is still, despite all problems and crises, a better place than any Muslim countries. That’s why when you run from disasters, which of course caused by the Jewish West, you often head to the West. That also means by corollary that you recognize that other Muslim nations are not good place at all! Why?

Have you ever asked yourselves why on earth the Muslim world has not been better although your nations have much more natural resources, you people are numerous , and particularly are not lack of talents at all. You and I can see many of them Muslims of all walk of life have been excelled and flourished in the West! So, where is the problem?

IMHO, deep down, a large number of you recognize this problem, but would not dare to defy belief and traditions to call it out for change. Your problem is as the same as the Vietnamese and other Asians’ problem. That is the delusional belief about their own “past”, religion, culture, and traditions. In your case the problem is worse. Not only have Muslims kept busy of killing each other and oppressing a half of their own population, but refuse to reform to better themselves and their societies, much less transform, which is a must; whereas your enemies have never stopped better themselves to destroy you. You must have known as I know that THEY will never let you be alone much less help you or to treat you as equal. Look at the way Russia has “helped” Syria, and all the so-called “liberals” in the West have helped Muslims! After all these years, the result?

My friends, like the Vietnamese and other Asians, if we want to be treated as equal, don’t ever wait for their “enlightenment” or “mercy”, We must transform, not just reform! Look at the Japanese and South Korean, though not perfect yet, but there a good and practical lesson to be learned. Having said that, don’t take me wrong! By transformation, I did not mean Westernization, but modernization and reason. That’s the only way. Otherwise don’t ever blame your enemy! It’s you, who prolong the suffering of your people and will bring next disaster upon yourselves!

Hate me if you feel like to. But I just call a spade a spade. I speak truth to power and also to friends.