The Clown in Tweets: It’s time for US to fully recognize Israel’s ‘sovereignty’ over disputed Golan Heights

Ever since the criminal clown was installed as the Clown In Tweets in the “Big Whorehouse on the Potomac” by whom you dare to know, the fucking Jews have harvested all the fruits at the expenses of not only the Arab people in the Middle East with even more deaths and destruction, chaos, but also the whole western world particularly the USA people, especially the Whites who have become even more hated and despised by the rest of the Goyim.

The fucking Jews have harvested all the fruits while pitting all the rest of Goyim against one another! Have you seen enough, you all the clown ass-kissers? Is he an “antisemite” or a true Jewish dog as most of your politicians are? What does it mean to you? Do you understand that the true power does not lie inside that Whorehouse? Have you seen enough those are wielding power right now are these fucking Jews? Oh I forgot THEY have owned your bodies and minds! Sorry for ranting at your deaf ears and blind eyes and empty heads. I digress.

That’s why I do have reservations about the wisdom of Paul Craig Roberts, The Saker ( I never have any doubt about their intelligence and experiences)

In the past I raised some very serious questions and made harsh constructive comments to all my Muslim friends around the world. This time I must repeat in my next post. I always believe one must be consistent with integrity in speaking truth. That is One must not only speak truth to power but also to friends.