By Ian Greenhalgh – March 21, 2019 6 1406

by Ian Greenhalgh

The short, simple answer is that regardless of what actually happened, whether it was real or fake to some degree, is irrelevant.

All you need to take away from this event is the fact that it happened and to study the official narrative in order to decode the significance in the context of the big picture.

Therefore I have no interest is analysing low res videos, discussing details of the firearms allegedly used or any other aspect of the event.

My interest lies in taking a wider overview of global events and trying to fit the NZ shooting into the bigger picture, in order to better discern the strategy of the agenda that has been set for us.

Let us make a short summary of the official narrative:

A 28 year old white racist with the usual laundry list of allegiances – neo-Nazi, Christian fundamentalism, far-right, white supremacist etc. wandered into a mosque in Christchurch, NZ with an AR-type automatic weapon and shot up the place, killing 50 Muslims and wounding a load more.

That, in a nutshell, is pretty much all you need to know about the event, leave the ‘analysis’ and interminable bloviating to fatuous ex-professors, ego-maniacal former ‘spies’ and the coterie of online entities that are either complete dumbfuck tinfoil hat wearers or controlled opposition disinfo swine.

No time should be wasted on disappearing cartridge cases, the rates of fire of an AR, the lack of bullet holes in walls, the lack of blood spray or any other detail, that is all irrelevant guff and by falling into the trap of studying such things, you are doing precisely what the people behind this event want you to do.

An example of the sort of detail that will keep the Fetzerite idiots chuntering on for hours, if not days on end, but in reality, has close to zero relevance.

The simple truth is that it matters not whether this event was faked to some degree or not. I don’t wish to make light of the possible deaths of 50 innocent people, but it’s a drop in the ocean compared to how many have been slaughtered and continue to die every day at the hands of the organised crime cabal that runs the world from it’s bases in Tel-Aviv, Washington and London.

Neither should we allow ourselves to view the NZ shooting in isolation, only as part of the bigger picture and wider context of world events can any sense be made of the event.

All across Europe, the white indigenous population is starting to hate Islamists more and more, especially recent immigrants. Islamification of Europe is a serious concern to many on the continent, Germany worries about all the millions Turks it has allowed to settle there since the 1970s, Scandinavia is aghast at the overwhelming influx of Muslims it has experienced, Holland has grown to despise the Turks and Moroccans who have flooded into their once peaceful country etc, etc.

In Britain, we just experienced the Shamima Begum case where an arrogant and unrepentant 18 year old girl who supposedly left her cosy British upbringing at age 15 to travel to Syria and become the sex toy of some ISIS fighter has been all over the British media bleating on about her awful plight and not being allowed back into Britain. She had three babies in 3 years allegedly, all of whom died within weeks. Now she wants all to be forgiven and to return to the UK, citing her awful life in a Syrian refugee camp, claiming she had been ‘naive’, had ‘made a simple mistake’ and telling Britain and it’s government they were wrong to not forgive her and allow her to return like she did nothing wrong.

Instead of forgiveness, she found her British citizenship revoked, returning her to her prior status as a Bangladeshi and leaving her with no chance of returning to Britain. This met with widespread approval from the British public, who have grown increasingly sick and tired of the way Muslims like the Begum family are all too happy to suckle at the teat of the British welfare system, to enjoy the benefits of a free education, free healthcare and a safe, stable society, while at the same time harbouring nothing but hate and scorn for Britain and it’s people.

However, I believe the entire Begum case has been a constructed narrative by the British intelligence services, the intention being to further stoke the embers of anti-Islamic feeling in Britain.

Begum and her third child just before it died, an innocent, naive girl stuck in a Syrian refugee camp due to her inhumane treatment by the British? Or jut another made up fairytale to annoy the gullible masses?

It is against this sort of context that the NZ shooting incident must be viewed as it is part of a much wider narrative being constructed for nefarious purposes and with the apparent intent of creating an ever-increasing level of animosity between nominally Christian whites and Muslims.

This is the strategy of tension in action, a key component of the Zionist divide and conquer agenda, an agenda that appears to be proceeding with ever-increasing momentum in recent years and is currently heating up in places like Kashmir, Iraq and Syria.