PQC: I am sure that you’ve heard, read, watched documents about the Freemasonry. The reason I post this documentary is because there are different views and understanding about this not so-secret society. Especially the name Freemasonry has been again mention in the NZ “Christchurch massacre”. This documentary “The Scottish Key” presents a quite opposite view about this society.

In Australia, you would see its symbol and abandoned temples around, particularly right in the center of Sydney. When I was in the USA, I met one of them, a lawyer (or an attorney at law as it’s called in the USA) and was given a Freemasonry periodical. I did not pay much attention, though the impression I had was they are well mannered and successful people. Back to Australia I told one of my Oz close friends, who is Jewish Irish, about this Freemason. He gave me a wink and said his late father though an Irish Catholic had been still able to maintain a good government job during 1930s because he had been a Freemason. Since then I have read and watched quite a few documentaries about this much talked about subject… And it still puzzles me even more when I read about the Freemasonry in Asia, of which the evil Ho Chi Minh was a member according to some Western authors.

At any rate, please find time to watch it, and as always draw your own conclusion.

To me, since I traveled around the West, I have realized that it’s the Jewish Controlled Cabal with its HQ in the USA that has really made the world upside down not in any secret way, at at least since the end of the WWII. Most of the so-called documentaries out there are produced to distract and confuse people, that’s the way I see it. However, we do need to know them to understand their Modus operandi rather than just shrug them off.