PQC: For fuck sake! What would you expect from these psychopaths who are known as governments? When government and corporations work together, or rather they virtually, literally own the state, the government, it’s called fascism . Said who? Do you remember? Fascism is literally socialism for the elites, the corporatis if you prefer e.g military security industrial complex, the pharmas etc. In one word, as I have said many times, any of those “isms” are fundamentally based on the concept of the State., and they must rely and depend on the power of the state that you believe, to wield “their power”, to commit “lawful” crimes and “lawful” atrocities. Without the so-called state power, government power if you like to call it, these psychopaths have no power.

I know you would jump up and down and defense “the need for government”, for “we cannot leave the people, who cannot be trusted with their own devices, it will be chaos”. Oh, these people who are in government are not people, they are saints and chosen people aren’t they! And they have done beautiful job of “representing the people will” haven’t they! You cannot trust yourselves, your fellow human beings, but only “them”! It’s your democracy eh!

But it’s fine with me. So go and vote and exercise your “people power” every now and then, and keep moaning, whining about this and that and be beaten up, imprisoned, and shot at!