He is a terrorist, a criminal. a murderer. His face should be shown to the public. Why do they have to hide his face?

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NZ Shooting FULL Docs


NEW: FOLKS, go to piratebay torrent sites and just type “NZ Shooter”, you will get it!


Or This torrent with full docs of The Video and “The Great Replacement” Manifesto!

The Great Replacement.pdf

PQC: Folks, I believe in free speech, freedom of information, and above all I respect and trust that every ADULT fellow human being is capable of self responsibility . This means we. as adult persons, do not need to be told what we should or should not watch. We can decide for ourselves. We don’t want anyone to treat us like their own kids.

That’s why I re-post the full clip of NZ shooting. Unfortunately, again it has been taken down, or the server has been blocked.

I will upload this again and again and again ... so that we, as adults, understand how inhumane. cold blooded these Talmudic guys are. When a Muslim or an Asian was an alleged perpetrator of the “beheading” or any crime, they shown it and “promoted” it in any medium they have. This time one of THEM committing a sickening massacre. They don’t want people to know how barbaric and cold blooded they are. Why?

Worse, the video clip also tells us much much more about THEM than just a sickening shooting! That’s why they do not want people to watch it.

I believe people should. uhm rather MUST know how sickening it is. Watch it if you have a stomach for it, otherwise PLEASE DO NOT! It’s really really sickening! Since I watched and posted it, I could not eat anything yet! But I am glad I did. I learn and understand more about psychopathic behavior and mindset of an ideologue that I did not know until now.

Watch it, Read it folks!