When I just set foot in the Western world (1983) I was shocked by the wave of racism against Asian background citizens. At the time Bruce Ruxton and then later Pauline Hanson, all of them accused Asians of having swamped their country and their western culture. Perhaps this fear and accusation came from the fact that Asians do have the number and their appearances (from fair, yellow, brown, to dark brown skin) are very distinguishable in a country or a city of whites (have you ever been in Orange County CA, USA? Or in Sydney, Melbourne, Australia? If you have, you know what I mean!) . But Asians swamped the Western world? It’s absolutely far from the truth!

The sheer number and distinguishable appearance have never been a swamping power (or just an element or factor.) It was the Western, white people had swamped the Asian and Arab world a.k.a colonization with just a very small number! (Think of this: who’s in the world that never listen to Western musics, dressing in Western suits, shoes, and ties? Yes, there are but not many! (I don’t like mentioning guns and computer and internet!)

However, the truth is the Western world has been swamped indeed, but not by the populous Asians of all colors but by a tiny number of Khazarian descendants a.k.a Ashkenazic Jews . Not only have they swamped the West but actually completely taken it over since the end of the WWII! This group of Jews though in small number has managed to take over all major institutions and their vital activities of society (finance, mass communication, the press, education, and politics).

The greatest achievement they did is that they have made themselves a sacred group people in the West who cannot be criticized but only praised. Their fictions becomes the truth (the Torah, the Talmud); their hoaxes become historical facts (the Holocaust, the six million figure, Anne Frank’s Diary etc…)

The Western world that was built by people such as Galileo Galilei, René Descartes, Victor Hugo, Etienne De La Boetie, Voltaire, Thomas Paine etc..with ideals of freedom, the right and duty to question everything, challenge everything etc… Such Western world that was once admired by the East and inspired many changes in the East has collapsed totally in this early time of the 21th century, largely thanks to the Jews. The West has buried its best just for and because of the Jews.

White people have been lamenting, moaning, whining about their culture, their values having been swamped…It’s absolutely true. But the problem is white people are blaming it on the wrong people, who are their very victims instead of the true culprits: the fucking Jews!

Almost everyone knows it, people whisper about it, but would not dare to say it out loud. If someone is bold enough just to touch on this elephant in the room, he/she will be forced to retract, apologize, and then be crushed. Anyone remembers Mel Gibson? He bowed so low, and crawled so long… but you know the rest! Those who are truly bright and brave refuse to submit to power such as the Holocaust Revisionists have been banished and imprisoned. Consequently, what the Western world is now left with is a bunch of pseudo-intellectuals, cowards, and clowns as we all are witnessing right now. There is an exception: Ron Unz, who, so far has been ignored by the Jewish crushing machinery despite of what he published !

I don’t know whether white people have been hypnotized by the Jews as Miss Omar observed or white people have turned to be a bunch of cowards and idiots.

But I do know If one is hypnotized, there is more than a chance to be awakened and be sane again. If one is turned to coward and idiot, that means one’s brain is dead. there is no chance to be recovered./.