On September 1, 1983, Korean Airlines Flight 007 was shot down by a Soviet fighter interceptor as it crossed through Soviet air space. But what was it doing so far off course, flying over Soviet military installations the day of a secret missile test? What happened to the bodies? And what does all of this have to do with Larry McDonald, the sitting US congressman who was on the flight and warning America about the coming of the New World Order? Find out this week on The Corbett Report.


Documentation – Jean Kirkpatrick on KAL 007
Time Reference:02:30
Description:Jean Kirkpatrick – Speech to the United Nations regarding KAL flight 007 taken from Great Speeches Vol. 3
Link To:YouTube
Documentation – Russia Shoots Down Korean Jetliner
Time Reference:03:24
Description:Taken from a collection of archival news footage from the days following the incident.
Link To:YouTube.com
Documentation – Reagan Speech on KAL 007
Time Reference:04:36
Description:Address to the Nation on the Soviet Attack on a Korean Airliner – September 5, 1983
Link To:YouTube.com
Documentation – Korean Air Lines Flight 007 – Wikipedia
Time Reference:07:05
Description:The bastion of truthiness gives the official line on what happened to KAL 007.
Link To:Wikipedia
Documentation – 1993 ICAO report on KAL 007 (pdf)
Time Reference:09:25
Description:Official report from the ICAO on the destruction of flight KAL 007. Released on July 16, 1993.
Link To:aviation-is.better-than.tv
Documentation – “Unsolved History” – KAL 007
Time Reference:10:51
Description:Typically sensationalized Discovery Channel “documentary” on KAL 007.
Link To:YouTube
Documentation – News report on Soviets using jetliners as spy planes
Time Reference:16:17
Description:From a collection of archival news footage from the days after the KAL 007 incident.
Link To:YouTube
Documentation – Ex-Soviet Pilot Still Insists KAL 007 Was Spying
Time Reference:25:21
Description:Colonel Gennadi Osipovich’s 1996 account of his shooting down of KAL 007.
Link To:NYTimes.com
Documentation – Congressional Biography of Larry McDonald
Time Reference:29:54
Description:Official congressional biography of McDonald.
Link To:bioguide.congress.gov
Documentation – Sourcewatch Biography of McDonald
Time Reference:31:02
Description:“At the time of his death he was the president of the Western Goals Foundation and chair of the John Birch Society.”
Link To:SourceWatch.org
Documentation – Sourcewatch description of John Birch Society
Time Reference:31:00
Description:You might ask yourself if the idea of repealing civil rights legislation is something really integral to the JBS, or whether this is part of the old (and still-employed) tactic of smearing libertarians as racists because they don’t believe the government has the right to legislate how people run their own businesses.
Link To:SourceWatch.org
Documentation – G. Edward Griffin is a Bircher
Time Reference:34:16
Description:Who knew?
Link To:Freedom-Force.org
Documentation – Leary on Crossfire: Left wing of the CIA debating the right wing
Time Reference:35:57
Description:As quoted in Rolling Stone.
Link To:Dedroidify.blogspot.com
Documentation – Leary and the CIA
Time Reference:36:03
Description:Information on Leary’s connections to the CIA.
Link To:AConstantineBlacklist.blogspot.com
Documentation – Braden really was CIA
Time Reference:36:04
Description:Leary was quite literally correct about Crossfire and the CIA. I wonder how he knew?
Link To:PowerBase.info
Documentation – Larry McDonald on Crossfire
Time Reference:37:08
Description:Fascinating conversation with Larry McDonald in 1983 touching on Rockefeller control of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, American transfer of technology to the Soviets, attempts by prominent politicians to get the US into a global government, Quigley’s admission of this in Tragedy & Hope, etc.
Link To:Google Video
Documentation – Shoes were recovered
Time Reference:1:01:08
Description:A photo of some of the shoes recovered by the Soviets from KAL 007 and handed over to survivors.
Link To:Wikipedia
Documentation – Rescue007.org
Time Reference:1:05:17
Description:The home page of The International Committee for the Rescue of KAL 007 Survivors, Inc., which believes that there were survivors from the downing of the flight and that they have been held prisoner by the Russians ever since.
Link To:Rescue007.org
Documentation – What happened to Larry McDonald
Time Reference:1:06:36
Description:Information of what (allegedly) happened to McDonald after the downing of the flight from Avraham Shifrin, an Israeli who had, himself, spent time in the Soviet prison camp system, and who had personal contacts in the prison camp system.
Link To:Rescue007.org
Documentation – Ron Paul on Larry McDonald
Time Reference:1:10:50
Description:Ron Paul’s personal reminiscences of McDonald. (Note: the original mp3 of this episode accidentally left off this clip. If your version does not contain this audio, please re-download the episode.)
Link To:YouTube.com