PQC: I posted this horrifying story of the amazing woman a long time ago- in Vietnamese of course. I just wonder HOW MANY people knew about this courageous woman? You see, in a constitutional democracy and the rule of fucking law, “ordinary people” have no power, they just “do their jobs”, even their jobs are harassing, assassinating, and murdering people women, children, even cats and dogs, at home and abroad!

I agree, though bitterly, with Russ Mason that “if you stand up for the truth, consider two things: you will probably be assassinated, and that few will care.”

Having Seen what happened to all whistle-blowers, and right now to Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange I understand why the late George Carlin had lost his trust in people. Nevertheless, I still do. That’s why I am still here trying to communicate with people around the world, for I do know some people out there whose brains still function and whose hearts still beat with morality and humanity, do care and act upon their caring once they know the truth.

Please find time to watch and listen to what she had to say carefully and decide for yourselves. I strongly recommend that you download all these videos into your PC and take time to watch them when you have nothing to distract you. You also need to read other “counter-arguments” to see how a brainwashed mindset and a propagandizing mind function.

As for me, she is credible and what she said is all very likely true. If you look at the sex-scandal in Catholic church and others, the Jeffrey Epstein’s Child Sex ring, the case of “The Conspiracy of Silence” also known as “The Franklin affair”, The Dutroux affair, and many more which are all beyond ordinary assumptions. But they all did happen!

In next post I will provide an article written about this extraordinary woman. I always wonder if she is still alive.

I can’t help but admit once again that being moral and live up to morality are very much life hazard choice. Morality is always a detriment rather than advantage of successful material life. That explains why there are few of us who dare to take this path of life. But for those who did and are doing now, though in very minority, they all have given this life on earth a meaning and made this planet a better place.

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