“unless you want an early death, keep your mouth shut. But if you stand up for the truth, consider two things: you will probably be assassinated, and that few will care.”

Thoughts on a Monday Morning: Disarming the truth

Oct 2015 By Russ Mason

IF you saw “The Insider (film) ,” a 1999 movie which starred Russell Crowe and Al Pacino, you became witness to the kind of powerful, menacing, threats against a whistleblower who dares to expose the truth.

Russell Crowe plays Jeffrey Wigand, a scientist and Vice President of Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company in New York. Al Pacino plays Lowell Bergman, a fearless investigative journalist for “60 Minutes.”

It is a gripping, true movie, and well worth your time.

When Wigand decided to blow the whistle about the addictive chemicals added to tobacco in cigarettes, he was steering into a firestorm of threats and intimidation. He nearly cracked up. But with the help of CBS’s Lowell Bergman, Wigand found courage and went on national TV to reveal the truth about addictive, poisonous additives to cigarettes.

Although Wigand wasn’t murdered, he still lost his job, his house, and family. As well, Bergman exposed CBS’s lack of journalistic integrity by caving to pressure by its corporate owner, Westinghouse. Bergman moved on, and both he and Wigand have new careers.

However, most stories of whistleblowers do not have happy endings; and those who come forward with potentially “dangerous” information are either “suicided” or, if they live, their lives become an eternal nightmare. Their bank accounts are seized and they can’t get a job anywhere, unless it’s washing dishes.

Although this kind of nasty stuff goes on in corporate America, it also extends into every aspect of U.S. intelligence and military, whose employees are required to sign either an oath of secrecy, or a non-disclosure agreement. If they go public with what they know, they’re finished. They cannot sue or otherwise seek redress in a court of law. That’s the agreement to which they signed their names, and to which they swore to solemn oaths.

These agreements are lousy and unfair, but they have sharp teeth. And many good people with important information to reveal have been intimidated into silence.

Now I want to tell you about a remarkable and brave woman. Her name is Kay Griggs.

For 11 years, Kay Griggs was married to Marine Col. George Griggs. He held high positions in the U.S. Marine Corps, in highly secretive intelligence operations, in NATO, and had been highly decorated. All because Colonel Griggs “played ball.”

When he got drunk, which was often, he would tell his wife of some of the “classified intel” he was involved with. He told her of all of his secret projects, the assassinations, the meddling into foreign diplomacy. Colonel Griggs arranged pretty hookers with members of the U.S. Congress and then had photos taken, so that the congressmen were under his control. Some call it blackmail. For Colonel Griggs, it was just another day at the office.

Kay Griggs is a strong, Christian woman who hoped that she might be able to get her husband to see the light, and to accept Jesus into his life. But the colonel was into “black ops” too deep to get out, and was part of a group of high-ranking officials which did some very dirty deeds (such as assigning a “wet ops” Seal team to “take out” former CIA Director William Colby).

Of all of the whistleblowers I ever witnessed, Kay Griggs is the bravest and the most riveting. She is fearless. She names names and pulls no punches. She specifically names most of the top military leaders in the United States, as well as presidents, members of congress, diplomats, and various cabinet secretaries. Ms. Griggs hides nothing. She wants it all on the record before she is assassinated.

I don’t know if she is still alive, but the information she reveals is explosive. I urge you to visit YouTube and enter Kay Griggs in the search box. Then prepare to have your jaw drop.

Although the interviews took place long ago, they have only recently surfaced on YouTube. She is earnest, sincere, and believable. She also has photographs and other documentation which she presents to the camera.

If nothing else, Kay Griggs’s story provides a glimpse into the real world of military intelligence, the homosexual clique which ran it (and perhaps still runs it) and other sordid details. The amount of sexual depravity which she reveals about our top politicians and military leaders is beyond shocking.

Today, the whistleblower-du-jour is Edward Snowden, and has been since 2013. At the time he began to release his information to Glenn Greenwald at The Guardian, he was tried and convicted as a traitor in the court of public opinion. He had violated his oath of secrecy by disseminating above-top-secret information, mostly about the National Security Agency, and then fled, first to Hong Kong, and then to Russia, where he currently resides.

His statement of defense was simple and straightforward: “I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, but then I discovered that others above me were violating it consistently.”

So many have died in exposing the truth, but so far Kay Griggs, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, are still with us. But I assure you, there are many who want them all dead. It would make life so much easier to have the troublemakers gone. Then it would be business as usual. That is, a secret, nasty world, worth billions in tax-free gains.

Professional assassins have a variety of “disposal” methods, to make it look like suicide, or cancer (which can be administered), poison, or something else.

There is a well-known story of a diplomat who was assassinated by a jab in the leg with the poisoned tip of an umbrella. It happened in a city street — the man with the umbrella approached the target and stabbed him in the calf. The man died shortly thereafter.

Ted Gunderson was a highly decorated FBI agent, who spent more than 27 years with the Bureau. Upon his retirement, in 1979, he became a private investigator.

Among other dastardly plots, Gunderson uncovered a vast network of Satanic pedophiles. Gunderson estimated that there are about 4 million Satanists in the USA, and that thousands of children are ritually sacrificed every year. The little kids are drugged, sexually abused and then murdered.

Gunderson also learned that many young boys were (allegedly) recruited from Boys Town in Omaha, and then transported to New York or Washington, D.C., where “men of privilege” would have sex with them. The lucky ones survived.

Many of Gunderson’s revelations are on YouTube. He went after the truth and, unfortunately, found it.

Also on YouTube is Gunderson’s doctor friend, who, early-on, noticed the symptoms of arsenic poisoning. Later, arsenic dust was found at Gunderson’s home and in his car.

What the doctor saw was that Gunderson’s fingernails had begun to turn black, and by the time he was dead, his face and other body parts, had also turned black. But what actually killed the brave Gunderson was bladder cancer, which is a side effect of arsenic poisoning.

If there is a moral to this story it is this: unless you want an early death, keep your mouth shut. But if you stand up for the truth, consider two things: you will probably be assassinated, and that few will care.

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