PQC: Well, Folks, As I have said before, the fucking Jews have been playing every side as long as it serves their Talmudic goal. Gilad Atzmon is right all along: The Jews will kosherize everything as soon as it becomes popular. They were in the Russian Revolution . They have been in Wall Street, inside every institution, every political party, every popular movement…just to serve their Talmudic goal: protecting the Jewish ruling status by pitting Goyim against one another.

Since years ago I’ve noticed that every time Putin met with Jews he turned stupid and coward: Syria is a case in point! This time Putin, with tongue in cheeks, said “Maybe Jews With Russian Citizenship meddled in U.S. Elections “. Everyone knows what Putin meant by “Russian Citizenship”. He should have been more blunt, but he felt cold feet. He, Putin knows very well than anyone else that the fucking Jews with citizenship of whichever nation where they reside not just meddle but orchestrate elections and most of other things if not totally run the show as in case of the USA. His Russia is a case in point!

I also said that the fucking Jews have just been playing the same game of power as anyone else, except these fucking Jews have done much much better job. They are truly mastering of the game.

Considering these facts: From the despised group in Western christian societies, for more than a millennium they had to conduct their “businesses” in the dark, behind the scene; they had to hide their identity, changed their names, even voluntarily converted to other religions to survive …

Not anymore! Since these Jews successfully created the Holocaust with their magical traditional “six million” figure and the imagined gas chambers, with which they also successfully manufactured the sense of guilt through out the world, especially in the West, they have not only beaten the White Christians at their own game, but made these White Christians working diligently for them ever since!

Today, these fucking Jews not only do not hide their identity but have made it super privileged to be Jewish! The privilege that even Whites cannot dream of. Today, In the West one can say, make criticism of anyone, anything, everyone, everything… except the Jews, whereas the Jews can not only say anything, everything about anyone, everyone… sometimes including Jews themselves when this serves as an enhancement of “Jewishness”! (did you follow Gideon Levy? Or recent Natalie Portman’s “outrage” over massacring Palestinians at Gaza ?) but also can do everything including openly murdering Westerners, especially the exceptional Americans without true consequences. By saying this I didn’t just mean the USS Liberty, the execution of JFK, RFK but the 911, which is so far their master piece by all standards.

For fuck sake, do you understand what does it all mean? This means these Jews have successfully made the Whites, these Christian Whites murdering their own for the Jews! They did not even need to make their power a hidden-in-plain-sight but an elephant in the room!

This achievement is unprecedented! As far as Statism is concerned, We ought to give these fucking Jews the credit! I really mean this!

Last but not least, they are now openly starting to wield their power in Asia: Please have a closer look at the Neo-Indian Hindi nationalist movement: It is full of Jewish shit.

Anyway, as always the final judgement is yours.


Russia’s Putin tells NBC ‘I do not care at all’ about alleged Russian meddling ■ Israeli lawmaker says ‘hatred of Jews’ lies at the root of Putin’s claim The Associated Press and Jonathan Lis

Mar 10, 2018

Vladimir Putin: Maybe ‘Jews With Russian Citizenship’ Meddled in U.S. Elections

Russian President Vladimir Putin during his interview with NBC network anchor Megyn Kelly at the Kremlin in Moscow, March 1, 2018.
Russian President Vladimir Putin during his interview with NBC network anchor Megyn Kelly at the Kremlin in Moscow, March 1, 2018.ALEXEI DRUZHININ/AP

Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested in an interview with U.S. TV network NBC News that Jews were behind Russia’s alleged interference in the U.S. presidential election.

In the interview, which was aired by NBC late on Friday, the Russian president was asked if he condoned the interference by 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies detailed in a US indictment.

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“I do not care at all, because they do not represent the government,” he said, according to the interview transcript posted Saturday by the Kremlin.

“Maybe they are not even Russians but Ukrainians, Tatars or Jews but with Russian citizenship, which should also be checked; maybe they have dual citizenship of a green card; maybe the U.S. paid them for this. How can you know that? I do not know either,” he said.

>> ‘Why is Trump silent?’ U.S. lawmakers ask after Putin says ‘Jews’ may be behind election meddling <<

Following the release of the transcript, Israeli lawmaker Ksenia Svetlova (Zionist Union) said she expects the government to condemn Putin’s “harsh” words, saying that “if Israel does not defend the Jewish people, no one will.” 

“Maybe the Jews meddled in the U.S. elections. Maybe the Jews rule the world, maybe the Jews slaughtered Jews in Poland – all of these claims have one root cause – a hatred of Jews,” Svetlova said.

In the interview, Putin said Russia has neither the tools nor the will to meddle in elections. He repeatedly complained during the interview that Washington has brushed off Russian initiatives to work together on cybersecurity issues.

“But the U.S. refuses to work like this and instead throws 13 Russians to the media,” he said, going on to list the possible ethnicities that would make the suspects “not even Russian.”

“Maybe they have dual citizenship or a green card; maybe the U.S. paid them for this. How can you know that? I do not know, either,” the Russian leader said.

Putin claimed that the United States interferes in Russian elections “all the time” but that it was “impossible for us” to do the same.

“First, we have principles whereby we do not allow others to interfere in our domestic affairs and do not get into the affairs of others….Secondly, we don’t have this quantity of tools,” he said.

The NBC News interview was conducted in two parts, on March 1 and March 2. Kelly noted that Putin made the remark about not having the tools to disrupt the U.S. election shortly after he announced that Russia had developed major new nuclear weapons.

“This isn’t missiles. This is an absolutely different sphere of activity,” Putin responded.

Putin also mocked the “yelling and hollering in the United States Congress” over the alleged meddling and called for the U.S. to supply hard evidence.

“I have to see first what they’ve done. Give us materials, give us information,” Putin said.

When asked whether Moscow would take action against these individuals, Putin replied that “We cannot respond to that if they do not violate Russian laws.”

The office of U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller charged 13 Russians and three firms last month with interfering in the 2016 presidential vote as part of what it called a conspiracy to support Donald Trump and disparage Hillary Clinton.

Sources: https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/putin-maybe-jews-with-russian-citizenship-meddled-in-u-s-elections-1.5888887