A painful yet necessary look at the European Jewish Holocaust with a more critical and skeptical eye

By Vaughn Klingenberg – February 25, 2019 1735

by Vaughn Klingenberg, Holocaust Truther

How can anyone dare suggest that the Nazi did not want the Holocaust?!!! Six million Jews (allegedly) died in the camps. Thousands of Allied soldiers also visited the liberated camps and were eyewitnesses to thousands of dead and emaciated camp internees, and many Jews who survived the camps testified to the camps being “death camps” (sic)


No, it is ridiculous to even entertain the notion that the Nazis did not want the Holocaust!!! Anyone who does not agree with the standard, official, orthodox, narrative of the Holocaust should be shouted down with contempt as a Holocaust denier and ostracized.

Even Better, as is the case with most of Europe, they should be prosecuted, fined, and sentenced to a long prison term!

But wait a minute. I believe that no idea or alleged historical event should be so sacrosanct that it is immune from criticism, …”though Hell itself should gape/ And bid me hold my peace.” If someone really believes the official account of the Holocaust is ironclad truth, then why would they fear someone who questions this reportedly unimpeachable truth. It should be simple to reject the revisionist’s challenges and publicly humiliate him (and in so doing further support the orthodox narrative), but yet this doesn’t happen.

So what do orthodox Holocaust advocates fear? Why do they do whatever is necessary to avoid engaging a Holocaust revisionist in open, public, debate? Who is the real Holocaust denier?

In what follows I will document why it was that the Nazis did not want the Holocaust and why, instead, Jewish Zionists did.

It is not a pretty picture for anyone with Zionist leanings, and it goes a long way in explaining the militant refusal most Jews have when it comes to debating the real factors behind the Holocaust. With that said, let’s begin.

In the interwar years Jewish Zionists were a small, but vociferous, segment of the Jewish community. However, they had a problem: how to get ordinary, non-Zionist Jews to become Zionists and be willing to leave the comforts of Europe for the underdeveloped and inhospitable region of Palestine.

In sum, Zionists needed Jewish cadres to people a newly founded Jewish state, so how were they going to be able to convince European Jews to emigrate to Palestine en masse? That was the central problem Jewish Zionists faced.

As for Nazi Germany’s attempt to relocate Jews to Palestine there is the grossly under-reported Haavara Agreement of August 25th 1933 signed by Nazi Germany and Zionist German Jews; it was ratified by the Zionist Federation of Germany three months later. The Agreement allowed Jews to sell their assets in Nazi Germany and have them transferred to British Mandatory Palestine where the Jews were relocating. The Haavara Agreement facilitated the emigration of approximately 60,000 Jews from Germany to Palestine from 1933 to 1939.

There were also some feeble attempts to relocate Jews from Nazi Germany before World War II.

For example, the Evian Conference of July 6th through July 15th, 1938 held in France. Significantly, Nazi Germany was not invited to participate in the conference and essentially not one of 32 participant nations agreed to accept Jewish immigrants (except for the Dominican Republic). The Evian Conference (1938)

President Roosevelt did not think the conference important enough to send a State Department representative and in place of that only sent a banker and close friend of Roosevelt, Myron Charles Taylor, to function as the U.S. representative. It was as though Roosevelt did not want Jews to leave Nazi Germany, perhaps because he wanted them to emigrate to Palestine instead. In any event, Roosevelt did not take the conference seriously. It is, I believe, significant that Evian spelled backwards is “naïve.”

The world Jewish community declared an economic boycott against Nazi Germany on March 24th 1933. Simply put, Jews were not to purchase any German goods. This has often been seen as the first tangible salvo in the souring relations between the Jewish community and Nazi Germany.

This also added to the Nazi fear that Jews would act as fifth columnists that would undermine the German war effort should that come to be. As a result (just as the United States treated Japanese-American citizens during World War II), Jews would have to be placed in camps to prevent them from sabotaging German national security. No surprise there.

But there are other reasons the Nazis did not want to incarcerate Jews en masse: for one thing, it tied up tens of thousands of German troops who could better be used at the war fronts. It was a massive undertaking to search out, arrest, process, transport, house, and feed, millions of potential fifth columnist internees.

If the Nazis really were hell-bent on murdering all the Jews they could get their hands on, then why did any Jews survive the camps? In fact, it showed remarkable restraint on the part of the Germans that in a fit of impotent rage at their cities being fire-bombed by the Allies that they did not engage in the mass shootings of internees.

Furthermore, there was a famine in the last year and a half of the war in Germany, so who do you think would be last in line to be fed, German citizens or prison camp internees? Dah!–the prison camp internees. That is why so many internees looked emaciated when the camps were taken by the Allies–there was a severe shortage of food and the railroad transportation lines that transported the food to the camps was in many places bombed and cut.

Related to the starvation diet in the camps in the last year and a half, many Jews have claimed that the Nazis used Zyklon B, an insecticide that most commonly was used to kill the ticks that carried typhus, to gas to death newly arrived Jews at the internment camps. On the contrary, I believe the Zyklon B was being used on the internees and their clothing to disinfect them from typhus-carrying ticks.

In other words, the Germans, by using Zyklon B, were trying to save Jewish lives, not murder them! The crematoriums were then used to cremate those who already died of typhus and whose bodies might still carry the infectious ticks. I would like to see this investigated.

As for a sampling of statements from Jewish Zionists regarding their attitudes towards non-Zionist Jews:

“One cow in Palestine is worth more than all of the Jews in Europe.” Izaak Greenbaum.

“If I am asked, “Could you give from the UJA [United Jewish Appeal] moneys to rescue Jews, ‘I say, NO! and I say again NO!” Izaak Greenbaum — head of Jewish Agency Rescue Committee, February 18, 1943. Addressed to the Zionist Executive Council.

Ben Gurion: “If I could save all the [Jewish] children of Germany by bringing them to England and only half to Israel, I would choose the second” Polish Zionist Ben Gurion

“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews…becomes worse…this will assist in the realization of our plans…I have an excellent idea…I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth…The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.” Theordor Herzl, founder of Zionism.

These quotes succinctly demonstrate the blood-thirsty, callous, attitude Zionist Jews had towards those Jews reluctant to relocate to Palestine. But there is more: the Zionist terrorist Stern Gang offered to ally themselves with the Nazis in a 1941 letter signed by no less a figure than Yitzhak Shamir.

The rational for this is transparent for all to see: the Nazis wanted Jews to settle in Palestine and the British were opposed to this, so it should be no surprise that the Stern Gang should offer their terrorist services to Adolph Hitler’s Nazis.

Then there is Rabbi Stephen Wise, a close Zionist confidant and close personal friend of President Roosevelt. Rabbi Wise, as Honorary President of the American Jewish Congress, President of the World Jewish Congress, and Co-Chair of the American Zionist Emergency Council, was the most powerful Jew in America and he advised Roosevelt on all matters concerning Jews. Rabbi Wise tried to exacerbate the Holocaust and squelch any knowledge of it during the war years.

For example, Rabbi Wise ordered that no Care Packages be sent to the Jewish ghettos or to Jewish internees in the camps even thought the International Red Cross verified that the packages were in fact delivered to them. Strict orders were given to World Jewish Congress representatives in Europe to immediately halt any shipment of Care Packages to the ghettos, despite the fact that these packages did usually reach their destination, namely, the Jewish Self-Help Association in Warsaw. As Wise cabled Congress delegates in Europe: ‘All these operations with and through Poland must cease at once, and at once in English means AT ONCE, not in the future.’”

Then there was the March of 500 Rabbis in Washington D.C. on October 6th, 1943. The purpose of this march was to bring to the public’s attention the plight of Jews in the German camps. However, when the cohort of rabbis arrived at the White House they discovered that President Roosevelt had literally and cowardly left by the back door before they arrived and then took the weekend off away from the White House immediately thereafter so he would not have to respond to the rabbis petition.

Rabbi Wise was in agreement with Roosevelt’s behavior towards the March and said as much: “Mr. President, you wouldn’t want to be associated with these people”.

Finally, Wise also attempted to squelch showing the broadcast of the pageant “We Will Never Die” which sought to bring attention to the plight of Jews in Europe. Again the only reason I can think of why Roosevelt and Wise would want to silence knowledge of the Holocaust is because if knowledge of the Holocaust got out it might require the Allies to speed-up their liberation of Nazi occupied Europe and, related to this, the Jews held in the camps may not have suffered enough to make them want to leave Europe for the barren, inhospitable landscape of Palestine. The more Jews suffered in the camps the more likely it was that they would convert to Zionism and wish to people a Jewish state.

As a further demonstration of the callous, Machiavellian, behavior of Zionist Jews in their attempts to people Palestine with Jewish immigrants, consider the sinking of the SS Patria in Haifa harbor on November 25th, 1940. The SS Patria was carrying 1,800 Jewish refugees bound for Palestine, but the British authorities would not allow the immigrants to disembark because they did not have entry permits and were going to re-rout the ship to Africa.

However, before this could be done the Jewish Zionist terrorist organization, Haganah, placed a bomb below deck so as to sink the SS Patria and force the British to allow the 1,800 Jewish refugees to land. The bomb blew off one whole side of the ship and it sank in less than 16 minutes killing 267 and injuring 172 Jews. The British allowed the survivors to stay in Palestine just as the Zionists wanted. The sunken SS Patria in Haifa harbor (1940)

The Patria Disaster on Wiki

Finally, it must be noted that many Zionist Jews are aware of the fact that the Holocaust was manufactured by them. This is perhaps no better represented than by the stone markers placed over the so-called “killing grounds” where Jews were allegedly exterminated. I would like to see the graves of deceased Jews at the camps dug up so we can determine whether they were in fact gassed to death using Zyklon B (which would result in their skin turning a bright cherry red) or not.

Were the deceased Jews killed by typhus instead? By littering the camps with stone markers over where Jews reportedly were buried that makes it difficult, if not impossible, for an independent scientific forensic investigation of the bodies of the deceased, and this is exactly how Zionist Jews want it. It would be sacrilegious to disturb the graves of the Jewish deceased, we would be told, so we must leave the graves, and the memorial stones, untouched. Treblinka Cemetery

All that was left to do was to unilaterally blame the Germans and the Nazis for the Holocaust so as to deflect blame from the Zionists. It goes without saying that in the minds of the inculcated public that whenever one wants to blame someone or something as being the epitome of evil one only has to compare that said thing with the Germans or the Nazis.

Courtesy of the Jewish dominated Media, we have a Jewish moral vocabulary here in the West, and the worst one can label someone is a “Nazi,” a “fascist,” a “racist,”or a “Hitler,” and that is exactly how the powers behind the throne want it to be. History is written by the victors.

From all of the above we can see how Jewish Zionists conspired to exacerbate Jewish suffering in the camps so as to facilitate hitherto non-Zionist Jewish emigration to Palestine and people a Jewish state. By forcing Jews to remain in Nazi-occupied Europe and by denying aid to Jewish camp internees Jewish suffering was assured.

Moreover, by the Allies only willing to accept unconditional surrender from the Nazis and by delaying the cross Chanel invasion of occupied France until June of 1944 that further left more time for Jews to stew and suffer in the camps. It is not a pretty picture, but the truth has to be told.

By writing this I hope I have encouraged more readers to become Holocaust Truthers and look at the Jewish Holocaust with a more critical and skeptical eye. We are doing the Jews a favor by treating them as adults and having them address the true callous Zionist jackals within their own community. Only then will we all come to an honest assessment of true culpability for the Holocaust. QED

Author Details Vaughn Klingenberg Vaughn Klingenberg has a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from Marquette University where he taught Logic). He lived in Europe; mostly Poland and England for two years and traveled widely throughout Europe and the Middle East (sojourning for a month in Israel). His areas of interest center on conspiracies; especially Jewish conspiracies. He considers himself a “conspiracy factualist”–not a conspiracy theorist–as well as a Holocaust Truther–not a Holocaust denier. He has self-published two books on Shake-speare under the pseudonym “Odysseus Er”: Hamlet-Christ (a Judeo-Christian interpretation of Hamlet), and Paradigm Shift: Shake-speare (an analysis of Jonson’s Introductory Poem to the 1623 Folio which reveals the 17th Ear of Oxford as the true author of the Shake-speare corpus). He has also written a booklet in his own name on the Holocaust entitled, The Big Lie: The Holocaust (An Introduction to the Greatest Fraud of the 20th Century). All his work and books can be found on his web site at BooksByVk.orghttp://www.booksbyvk.orgvaughn_kl@msn.com