“an ape in heels”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor – February 18, 2019

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Her names is Pamela Ramsey Taylor, a cartoonish and extremely overweight blond from Clay County, West Virginia, where she ran the Trump Campaign during the last election.

She is expected to do 3 to 7 years in a Federal Prison where 65% of the residents are African American and are extremely likely to murder her.

She made this bed, ran her mouth, and caught someone’s attention. Stealing in West Virginia had never been a crime before, not if you are a Republican.

We have a couple of issues here. I grew up in a divided Detroit; there were no integrated schools and racial hatred, among many, too many, was out of control. It would be lying to state one clear fact, that there were no mixed neighborhoods, because crime in African American areas was unimaginable, and life there impossible.

Most crime victims were, of course, African American.

We had created a monstrosity here, one we all now know, or should, that had nothing to do with racial characteristics and everything with the social breakdown of the African American community, an exact copy of what I saw while owning a farm in Lee County, Kentucky, which is 100% white.

Most, at least half anyway, of the residents in Lee County are “churchgoing” decent folk. The others, violent, addicts, murderers, thieves, it is impossible to protect a family there, to protect property without lots of guns and a willingness to stay up all night and shoot anyone who nears your home, something that happens continually there.

Lee County, Kentucky is a beautiful place.

Few Americans get to or are forced to travel. I spent some time in South Vietnam, back when such a place existed, got to walk around on a daily basis and meet people, they were quite enjoyable, if not a bit angry about being carpet-bombed.

That happens so often, you carpet bomb a country and all of a sudden the people get “testy.”

Had some of the same issues in Iraq with Sunnis in the early days of the war; not so much a problem with the Kurds who love Americans no matter how badly we betray them.

Last time I was there was 2014, nicer visit, when I warned them that partnering with ISIS was a bad plan. I still have the 128-slide presentation in Arabic making that as clear as possible, just like the presentations I have for Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Libya, Jordan, Turkey, Bahrain, Qatar, the Maldives and about 30 African nations.

What working for the UN or as a security contractor let me do is meet people, other than restaurant and hotel folks. I really get out, sit around the fire and get to know people.

My dad taught me that, the “commie” union leader and tough guy.

As of how I see it now, the most dangerous people on earth are the ignorant. Red State white people have, on the whole, the worst manners and are the most hypocritical.

As a people our worst problem is hatred of women. Women can be difficult, mind you, but men who act like men, and we aren’t talking guns and politics, are a rarity. VT is a “last hangout” for real men, for the most part anyway. We do have a few weaklings and pansies, but on the whole, we are old-line biker gang trash.

What Americans are denied is a chance to go to Africa and meet kids in the street, talk to corrupt government leaders, exactly like our own, but meet real people as well. Africans are wonderful folks, and that isn’t a wild generalization.

Very few “peoples” are purposefully bad or total asses. Europe still has its problems, and traveling around the UK is like going to 30 countries that hate each other. France, for the most part, is livable, but there is nothing quite as painful as a “French intellectual.” Makes you want to get out a hammer and bone saw.

After the War, Patton wrote about the Germans. I live there part of the time and have for many years. Germans are reliable folks, work like dogs, and hate being pushed around. I might warn a few people, the Germans are being pushed around, and I strongly suggest that this stop or there will be hell to pay.

What is inexcusable is that we spend 30% of our time talking about pissant Israel. The real Jewish population of Israel and they are fake, meaning religious Jews that most of don’t practice any religion at all, who pretend they are Arabs/Semite but really aren’t.

The whole thing is stupid, maybe 2 million “Jews” live there; and about half of them want to leave because they can’t stand the ignorant “fake Jewish” Russians who have poured into the country.

When you look at it, this is much like American cities when African Americans from the South came north and “native Whites” fled to the rathole suburbs, like we did.

As far as I can learn, before World War II, Arabs and Jews (real Jews?) living in Palestine got alone well. First of all, the current legal issue in Israel that being racially Jewish is a qualification for citizenship violates about a dozen UN tenets.

It is insane, and intrinsically a lie.

The issue, the real issue, is creating a society where people can live together and survive while recognizing the real problem. That problem is the economic parasites who live off all of us, do no work, run our governments, make our laws, corrupt our police (sometimes not that hard) and make America and many nations around the world hell for anyone but the wealthy and powerful.

Parasites. Where we get derailed is when the parasites are the ones who decide what we read and hear. I live north of Holland, Michigan. Holland is largely Hispanic and Dutch. The Hispanic population there is extremely hard working, the neighborhoods are quite nice; and without 30,000 Hispanics, the industrial powerhouse of West Michigan would fail.

I have good friends in a working class section of Denver. Their experience is very different – tagging, gangs, gunfire all night.

Why are things different there? In general, a White American family can’t survive in a largely African American community. Why?

Were one to come to America and visit the communities that are so often poor and ugly, one might find households mostly with women, few families, people who work like dogs, caring decent people and children, lots of children.

America has spent 50 years first denying and then throwing money at the problem. In the interim, America now has a black middle class of highly educated successful people and fine neighborhoods that are mixed Black and White based on economics. Why?

The parasites.

We began with a chubby little girl with no common sense and a bit of a brain chemistry problem who, according to DHS, stole $18,000 and now faces prison where her thoughtless facebook post will endanger her life.

Then again, we have a President whose son-in-law has taken huge amounts of cash from Saudi Arabia, and we still do business with a “not so secretly” nuclear-armed sheikdom run by murderers and crazies.

More parasites.

Seems to me like we have a parasite problem. What is difficult here is that is exactly what Hitler was saying as well when he locked up cab drivers and teachers because they were Jewish; and the real parasites, some who may have been Jews and so many who weren’t, still run the world while Germany was burned to the ground.

Early on, one thing is easy to understand, parasites run every government on earth.

Every single one…

We let them, and when we group together to stop them, the parasites buy off our leaders and we become Yellow Jackets or Tea Baggers.

You see, everyone has a price. If you haven’t been bought, it’s because you aren’t recognized as useful enough.

We are our own downfall; this is why we are ruled by parasites, and why we live in a prison, though some of us more comfortably than others.

Parasites make sure we get drugs, that we fear and hate each other and that we, increasingly, are talibanized by fake religion. Parasites love religion; after all, that’s the first thing parasites did, they started religion.

Then they organized the second income-producing scam, human trafficking.

Then they invented money.

Parasites, vote for one, worship one, be one. It’s the American thing to do.

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