PQC: why wasted time and energy on these psychopaths Gilad? Those who know you and your works already have known who they really are. That’s why I suspect, since they have no intellectual ability to confront you on any real issue, THEY are trying to drain you out. My suggestion is just IGNORE them and concentrate on your great works. If you look at Ron Unz vs ADL, you would get the message!

On 10 February 2019 a bunch of local AZZs (Anti Zionist Zionists) were determined to interfere with Gilad Atzmon’s book event in Stroud, UK. For some reason they didn’t manage to find a single quote in support of their argument that Atzmon is an ‘antisemite.’ What did they do instead? manufactured a few. This wasn’t the first time the ADL (Atzmon Defamation League) were caught making up quotes.