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Tribute to the Father of Historical Revisionism: Prof Robert Faurisson – by Carolyn Yeager

26th October 2018jlamprecht 383 Views 1 Comment

[Never believe that in this age, that there are no heroes. There have been many heroes since the tragic days of WW2. Many white men have stood up for what is true and right in the face of hatred that Jews have fomented against them. We have had heroes living among us in this time when we thought none existed. I bet you that more and more heroes and heroines will arise from among our race as we fight this nightmare that has come down upon our race.

NB: Take note that Faurisson was physically attacked and assaulted by his enemies at least 10 times. He never deviated from the truth one bit. This is a real hero.

We must walk in their footsteps, and push on forward. Jan]

Sad, shocking news: Our beloved Robert Faurisson died today

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2018-10-21 20:57

By Carolyn Yeager

SUNDAY, OCT. 21 – THE NEARLY 90-YEAR OLD LEGENDARY HOLOCAUST REVISIONIST is reported to have died instantly from a heart attack as he entered his home in Vichy, France after flying home from attending a revisionist gathering in Shepperton, England. This report comes via email from Lady Michele Renouf who was at the meeting and who was informed of the death by R.F.’s brother.

We even have a video, made and uploaded by Vincent Reynouard, of the shamefully disrupted meeting in which Faurisson appears. So we are all privileged to see the great man in his last hours. As Lady Renouf signed off when sending the news – LONG LIVE FAURISSON. [A fuller written account of the day’s events can now be found at Heritage and Destiny.]

I’m sure we will all be redoubling our efforts at publicizing the falsity of this terrible hoax called “The Holocaust” in the wake of dear Professor Faurisson’s leave-taking to join the brave revisionists who have preceded him into the pantheon of heroes. We will never give up, we will never give in. The truth is ours.

A tribute to Robert Faurisson from his friend Guiseppe (Joe) Fallisi

I still have eyes that burn with tears and I can not fall asleep. Returning, a few hours ago, from the Bari airport I was given tremendous news: Robert Faurisson rose in the Elysian Fields. As soon as he returned to his home in Vichy, he collapsed to the ground, dead. His big heart had stopped beating. With other faithful friends we met yesterday afternoon in Shepperton, in a hotel, the Anchor Hotel, which will now go down in history for hosting the professor’s last conference and at the same time for demonstrating once again, in the person of his vile master (a ball of tallow and black bile), how much the intimidation of the politically correct, of the very laid Judaic dictatorship weighs on all Europe.* In that city [of Shepperton], Robert was born almost ninety years ago. Walking along he had confided to me, always lucid, equanimous and indomitable, but very, very tired, so minute and almost now diaphanous, to feel that his task had ended. In fact, this man, more than brave, all he had to do was to make a contribution to the immense revisionist cause. In addition to the judicial and moral harassment he had to undergo, he was more than ten times physically assaulted by the hateful enemies who wanted to prevent him from expressing himself, from living. He always knew how to resist and get up again, not deflecting a millimeter from the intrepid search for truth. One day he will be celebrated as a HERO of free thought. W ROBERT FAURISSON!

Thank you, Guiseppe. I apologize if my automatic translation from the Italian is not up to the quality of your writing.

Below is a photo taken Sunday of Faurisson, Renouf and Fallisi, labeled by Renouf as the last photo when Robert declared himself content and happy he had sung his swan song, full circle, having stated his life’s work and worth in the town of his birth.

Last photo of Robert Faurisson.


Faurisson on the Holocaust

Webmaster note: Robert Faurisson is Europe’s foremost Holocaust revisionist scholar. Born in 1929, educated at the Sorbonne, Professor Faurisson taught at the University of Lyon from 1974 until 1990. Specializing in close textual analysis, Faurisson won widespread acclaim for his studies of texts by Rimbaud and Lautréamont. After years of private research and study, Faurisson revealed his skepticism of the “Holocaust” gas chambers in articles published in 1978 and 1979 in the French daily Le Monde. He has written numerous articles on all aspects of the “Holocaust,” many of which appeared in The Journal of Historical Review. A four-volume collection of many of his revisionist writings, Écrits Révisionnistes (1974-1998), was published in 1999.

This is an unauthorized version of a book that Dr. Robert Faurisson hoped would be published in English. Dr. Faurisson is very exact in his thinking and writing, and certainly would make changes to these texts if the time and opportunity presented themselves. However, given the fact that this work has been languishing for years, and that Dr. Faurisson is not getting any younger, we are making this material available in its current form.

Also note that the nature of the transformation process between the original files and these web files ensures that there will be errors that do not appear in the originals. These errors are solely the responsibility of this site, and not of the author. However, we are making this collection available in its imperfect condition, as the anticipation of some future perfection already has kept this book off the shelves for more than a decade.

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