PQC: Years ago while living in the USA I bought my first book in the soil of the Empire two years after 911 false flag, “Why do people Hate America?” by Ziauddin Sardar & Merryl Wyn Davies. I was amazed that the Authors were completely swallowed the official story then tried to explain why they (presumably the Muslims) hate America. These Authors did not even know that the America they were talking about was no longer the America but it had been taken over by the Jews. Anyway, the book, apart from personal opinions of the Authors, offers little superficial facts about “the America”.

Years later, after I left that crazy contradictory land, one of my best friend send me a set of book by F.William Engdahl and urged me to read them and let her know what I think about “the USA”.

The first book of the set I read was “Seeds of Destruction” I had posted a short review and introduction somewhere in Vietnamese I am afraid! :-). By the way, the set includes:

Seeds of Destruction; The Lost Hegemon Whom The Gods Would Destroy; Gods Of Money Wall Street and the Death of the American Century; A Century of War;Full Spetrum Dominace; Myths Lies and Oil Wars; Target China. Of which I only finished only the first four. Yet, these four books alone, each of them has given me a much clearer and deeper picture of America than that of Ziauddin Sardar & Merryl Wyn Davies. I guess that people who understand would not hate America but despise it and would feel sorry for its people who are slaves but think they are free. (I lived there legally two years, at first with planing to stay. I left and would never come back. The US Embassy sent me reminder letters three times urging me to come back and complete final immigration documents before the expire date. I ignored.)

Anyway F.William Engdahl has done more than just explained the USA Empire’s structure. In decades of serious research, he went deep into the heart of the game: Money, its history and the international modus operandi of the fraud. But Money is not the end of the game, as F.William Engdahl (as I do) correctly acknowledged in “The Seeds of Destruction” :

“Their actions are not solely for money or for profit. After all, these powerful private families decide who controls the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan and even the European Central Bank. Money is in their hands to destroy or create. Their aim is rather, the ultimate control over future life on this planet, a supremacy earlier dictators and despots only ever dreamt of.” SOD p. xvii

Each of his books connects to one another like cogs in a machine. His books are at the very least the whole blue print of the world power machinery!

Unfortunately, like many mainstream authors he’s scared of being labeled “conspiracy theorist”. The fear of “conspiracy theory” and “anti-Semite” has held him back, not only has he overlooked the 911 false flag but also the dominant criminal role of the Jews in modern banking and financial system. The question is who are THEY? Whom Mr Engdahl calls the Patriarchs (e.g Rockefeller, Bush families ) This might be the case in past century. But after WWII really? Mr Engdahl is unable or refuses to see that the Jews have defeated those WASPs and took over the system. They now control not only financial system, but education, communication media, and political system as a whole. All most every key aspect of, not only the USA, the whole Western world!

Nevertheless, despite this fundamental weakness, F.William Engdahl has presented to readers far more important information of such complex international issues in the current world order than any others have done.

English is not my first language, but I will try my best to review them and introduce them to my friends around the world , of course from my personal perspective. As always the readers have their final words.

(Mr F.William Engdahl website has sent to my address asking me to review his books at Amazon. I really wanted to. But I don’t have Amazon Account and I don’t want to do any business with Amazon. It’s privacy matter)