PQC: Oh boy! This question is so entertaining and so profound! I do like the way Dr. Ashraf Ezzat question “little things” that most others overlook. When I was a little Catholic boy studying at a Catholic school no one ever wondered this utmost blasphemous action by Moses .

[side notes: I became an atheist at the age of twelve. Since then I have “fought” with my whole family about this “unthinkable decision” given the “cultural and religious situation” of Viet Nam in the 60s-70s. However I was blessed and lucky with a powerful ally, my late father! He was an Confucianist atheist born into one of the first catholic clan in Viet nam!. He too had to “fight” his own family to be an atheist. My late father, if alive today would have been 105 or 110 I can’t remember his birthday!!! That’s old fashion Oriental, birthday is not important.. He was like Dr. Ashraf Ezzat had a habit of asking some little details in every religious and historical story!]

Anyway, Later I found out that the Jews have many different explanations of this “destroying God’s finger work” in their Talmud and Midrash (which are rabbinic interpretations of whatever they want! That’s why and how the Jews came up with many “interpretations”!)

One of those became my favorite interpretation for it says so much about the Jewish values and their Talmud.

That Moses deliberately broke the Ten Commandments tablet to emotional-blackmail that silly, dump, hotheaded, and gullible Yahweh in order to save his sinful Jews from Yahweh’s wrath. So he deliberately broke it so that to become sinned as his bunch of Jewish people were so told God that if he kills that bunch of sinful Jews He would have to kill Moses as well. When Moses threw such blackmailing tantrum to God. Yahweh gave in and disappeared. Moses defeated Yahweh with such a deceitful act!

WTF! how sinful and deceitful the Jews are! But more hilarious is how powerless, dumb, and gullible their God is. Well that’s why He chose them at the first place! I digress!

Please enjoy the question. A little bit of brain exercise would be useful! 🙂

What was the language that the god of the Israelites used while chiseling down his tablets and also during his long conversations with Moses? Did the god of the Israelites use Chinese, Greek or Ancient Hebrew as the consensus of biblical scholars tends to believe?

Although no archaeological evidence has ever been recovered to attest to such an event of an Exodus or enslavement in Egypt, but, if the story of Moses did happen in Ancient Egypt, then the Ten Commandments as well as the rest of the Mosaic laws should have been written down in Ancient Egyptian language. But that was not the case according to the scholarly consensus. So where is the missing link?