PQC: We are living in such a very interesting time not only because we have had many scientific and technological breakthroughs but also, at least to me, we have witnessed many “conspiracy theories” turned out to be true and the most important of all is the self-unmasking the true face of western values e.i democracy, the rule of law, and the oxymoron term of “political decency”. It’s interesting because all of this have vindicated what anarchists have said for years. LaoTzu, the first ever anarchist said it all in his Tao Te Ching.

The so-called western democracy turned out to be just deception of statist power. I don’t know who said this “The Best Slave Is A Slave That Doesn’t Know He’s A Slave”, but that’s exactly what Westerners are right now, even the French gilets jaunes (They want new government don’t they). Voting and even the most democratic power “referendum” do not mean anything. Government can throw away any “people will ” when they see fit.

And so much so for the myth of “international law” when the presidential jet of Bolivian president Evo Morales was forced down and brazenly “searched” by the most democratic nation Austria in the order of the first modern democracy the USA! Don’t mention countless of war crimes with millions of deaths they have committed! Torturing has openly become official national policy. They even brag about it!

In our world today, the Jews and the Yanks can attack , overthrow any government and murder anyone, in thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions without consequences. The latest move of the Yanks and their European minions on Venezuela says it all. They did because they can, they have nukes!

North Korea has nukes and it has survived with “respect” despite everything it has been cursed by the West.

Government politic has often been ridiculed as circus. It’s partly true. It does look circus. But circus means to entertain people and give people unharmful innocent laughs. Government circus is not only clownishly absurd but also very destructive. Every act of theirs brings disastrous consequences and destroys people lives and properties.

Today if a country is to survive with true sovereignty against the the Jews and the Yanks, it needs to have nukes. Among all the hated countries by the West, only Russia and North Korea have been “respected”. They have nukes!