PQC: With all due respect, but I must ask since when the Muslim Arabs have such courage and capability, except the Hezbollah?

First the fucking Jews have been carrying out aggressive attacks on Syria on frequent basis for years. They did not only bother to hide but even bragged about this and loudly threatened “I attack you but don’t even try to retaliate or else”! Nothing has been done about this and no one said anything. Just because all have been done by the fucking Jews. Clear and simple.

I once asked

Questions for Muslim friends

For the past decades the Jewish state has carried out several assassinations of Iran scientists, military leaders inside Iranian soil, and Muslim leaders in Lebanon without any retaliation. And right now It has directly attacked Syria inside Syrian soils with impunity. Of course let alone the fact that the Jew can and did even murder Americans, Europeans without any retaliation or punishment  from the US-led West. The whole christian West has become the Jew’ slaves since 1945. No one would expect these christian slaves doing anything to their Jewish master. But Muslims?

Why have Iran and  Muslim counterparts not retaliated at all e.g carrying retaliations right inside Jewish state?

Is it because the Jewish state has a perfect security and intelligence system? Or what? What are the Muslims, and Iran afraid of?

Have I missed something?


This time, Syria although has been crippled by war and the West’s sanction, dares to retaliate! I know for the fact that the so-called UN and its so-called international law are nothing, they won’t do anything.. Even Russia, the legally Syrian protector would not dare to attack the Jews. The kosher nostra in Moscow would not allow it. So will Syria really stand up to the Jews this time alone? If Syria does, will Iran dare to stand up?

I have no answer. Dr Mohamed Mahathir once enraged his Muslim friends with the harsh criticism on Muslims internal weakness, that Muslims are now backward and have been busy of hating and killing each others…

I totally agree with Dr Mahathir. Like it or not, facts are facts. Truth hurts.

Let’s hope this time the Syrians join the hall of honor with the Hezbollah at set things right: give the fucking Jews what they deserve!


Syria threatens to ‘strike Tel Aviv airport’ unless UNSC acts against Israel’s impunity

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Syria threatens to ‘strike Tel Aviv airport’ unless UNSC acts against Israel’s impunity

FILE PHOTO: Ben Gurion International Airport © Reuters / Amir Cohen

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Damascus has threatened to exercise its legitimate right for self-defense against Israeli aggression and target Tel Aviv airport in a mirror response, unless the Security Council puts an end to IDF intrusions into Syrian airspace.

Apparently fed up with years of Israeli impunity in the Syrian skies and regular strikes carried out in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport, Syria has threatened to retaliate in explicit terms.

“Isn’t time now for the UN Security Council to stop the Israeli repeated aggressions on the Syrian Arab Republic territories?” Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari wondered Tuesday.

Or is it required to draw the attention of the war-makers in this Council by exercising our legitimate right to defend ourself and respond to the Israeli aggression on Damascus International Civil Airport in the same way on Tel Aviv Airport?

Also on rt.com ‘We struck thousands of targets’: IDF chief of staff on Israel’s ‘near-daily’ strikes in Syria

Air strikes against alleged ‘Iranian targets’ in close proximity to Syria’s busiest airport have become a norm for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), whose former chief of staff openly confessed last month to running a large-scale bombing campaign in Syria for years. Besides causing casualties and material damage by their “near-daily” strikes, Israeli combat missions into Syria have also repeatedly endangered flights operating over the conflict-torn country. Also on rt.com Syria repels IDF air raid on intl airport south of Damascus, shot down 7 missiles – Moscow

While the IDF rarely acknowledges striking specific targets in Syria, the Russian military has been keeping a close watch on IDF maneuvers over the Arab Republic. On Christmas Day, Israeli jets endangered two civilian aircraft while engaging targets in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said, noting that the IDF F-16s flew in as civilian jets were landing at Beirut and Damascus airports. In September, Israeli actions resulted in the death of 15 Russian servicemen after Israeli jets deliberately used Russian Il-20 recon plane as a cover and placed it into the path of a Syrian air defense missile. Also on rt.com Israeli airstrikes killed 4 Syrian servicemen, left 6 wounded – Russian MoD

Urging the UN Security Council to adopt measures to stop such blatant violations of Syrian sovereignty by the Jewish state, Jaafari accused France, Britain and the US – all permanent members of the world body – of endorsing Israeli aggression in breach of their responsibility to “maintain international peace and security in accordance with international law.” Also on rt.com Israel’s airstrikes on Syria threatened 2 civilian flights landing in Beirut & Damascus – Russia

Placing little faith into Western intentions to bring long-awaited peace to the country, the diplomat noted that Syria plans to restore full sovereignty over its lost territories, including the Golan Heights, which Israel continues to occupy.

“The restoration sovereignty of the occupied Syrian Golan is a permanent right of Syria that [is] not subject to negotiations,” Jafari stressed.

Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 Six-Day War. While Tel Aviv refrained from extending sovereignty over the Golan for over a decade, in 1981 the Jewish state annexed the area. The Druze of the Golan were offered full Israeli citizenship under the Golan Heights Law of 1981, but only a small minority changed their allegiance from Syria to Israel. Syria repeatedly reiterated that the occupied land is an integral part of its territory, and that it will work to return it by all means necessary. Tel Aviv sees things differently.

“Israel will remain forever on the Golan Heights, and the Golan Heights will forever remain in our hands,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in November, after the US become the only state to vote alongside Israel against a symbolic, non-binding UN resolution calling on Tel Aviv to withdraw from the occupied region.