PQC: Folks, I watched several lectures of Dr R. Wolff and found some interesting facts and valid arguments . However, the most fundamental issue that he glossed over or rather evaded to discuss is the source of infinite money supply. namely the central bank. Whoever or whichever group hold this printing power have the absolute control of the economy (i.e capital and production). Under the Statist system, this power can change hand overnight by whoever, whichever group “represent” the State i.e Government. In the case of the USA , the (absurd) Federal Reserve!

My point is since the absolute centralized power exists whatever you organize and established can be dismantled by whoever or whichever group hold this State power. Humankind has been imprisoned in this statist trap ever since. Revolution after revolution, countless bloodshed, millions died, only to re-establish the State power with different names. And the problem remains: Whoever “represents” the State dictates regardless whatever the piece of crap called constitution may be! And you already know what power is! Exploitation, oppression, war.

Unless humankind changes its statist belief, nothing will change except the names of ism.

Anyway, please find time to watch and listen to what he had to say then decide for yourselves. Enjoy!