My dear friends around the world,

Have you seen enough of what your ultimate “leaders” and your omnipotent “deciders” have done for you, for your “national interests“, for “we the people”? Or as a matter of facts and reality, I should honestly say what they have done to you and to your societies.

Thus, given all that you have seen, have been suffering, have you ever wondered if “you, the people”, and the so-called national interests are the ultimate end of their plans, their calculations, or at least the main elements in their political, economic equations?

Politics has never been a serious business as in the original positive meaning of the word, and it never will be. Politics is just simply a game of power in which a bunch of psychopaths playing people lives, your lives as their pawns. “We, the people,” are just disposable pawns, the lowest value of all pawns. Your lives, in millions, billions, are not even ranked near that of your “leaders”, your “deciders” pets or even their small properties.

People, women and children in millions have been murdered brutally and senselessly, not just simply killed as your governments and MSM told you. Soldiers, who were your fathers, mothers, your husbands, your wives, your sons and daughters, your relatives, your friends, your neighbors in hundreds of thousands have been used to kill and to be killed in the most vicious and barbarous methods you can ever think of. Yes, it’s our so-called civilization. Yet, many of us still cry out that “we need Government, we need the State.”

Oh yes, it’s all about the “rule of law”, the “constitution” the highest law, the source of all laws of the land. Have you seen enough of “shredding the constitutions”, “sitting on the law” by the very ones who claim to respect and protect them? Have you read enough of complaining, moaning, whining about these “shredding the constitutions”, “sitting on the law” from intelligent, well knowledged, well experienced citizens such as John Whitehead, Paul Craig Roberts, The Saker, Chris Hedges, Michael Hudson, Noam Chomsky, Ron Paul etc? Yet, they too, still believe in the “rule of law” and insist in the need of government. “Their government” perhaps! But I digress.

Look at how we, the ordinary people live. When asked about all the crises that are unfolding. “I need to keep the roof over my head and bring the food on the table”, “I just do my job”. That are the common answers. I wonder if they know and understand that “the roofs and the foods” of theirs, or the lack of them, are engineered and decided by such bunch of psychopaths with all those crises.

I can imagine that I were one of those psychopaths, who know very well about “I need to keep the roof over my head and bring the food on the table”, “I just do my job” of the majority, I would play my game easily and often crudely and carelessly and do whatever to them, the people, and still be safe enjoying on the top of the hill, even be praised and be thanked for. Have you ever counted how many statues of them around the world? Oh you can find them in any so-called history book, History book is all about “them”, except the one that was written a little differently by the late Howard Zinn “A People’s History of the United States” . Of course, this history book has been severely criticized by the so-called mainstream historians! Oh, What a “surprise!”

The french Yellow Vets (gilets jaunes) who are capable to think and act beyond ” the need of the roof and the food and “the job”, are still “minority”. This “minority” will soon be hated, despised by the majority for “disrupting the convenience of our normal life”. After all such 1789 is one of rare events in the whole human history. Even the French 1789, the Arab Spring did succeed, after that, the State, the Government have sill been in total control and statist business has been as usual. The statist belief system, no matter how ironic it is, is still intact and even stronger than ever even after all the blood, sweat, and tears.

One doesn’t need look at the history, just look right now at the world we are living in. It’s just a big circus with its handful of clowns telling straight lies, laughing, and murdering millions with just a stroke of their pens while people are struggling, women and children are being murdered in trove.

We always rightly condemn a liar who lies you into buying fake stuffs, a thief who steals one, ten, or thousand dollars, a criminal who murders and destroys one or ten lives. But we all ignore the liars that lie the whole society into disasters, the thieves that steal millions, billions dollars, and the criminals that literally murder and destroy millions of lives, In fact, we the people often praise these criminal as our heroes, great leaders.

Is it because We The People don’t know the truth? Or don’t want to know the truth? Or are afraid to know the truth?

As always, It’s all up to you, the answer is yours.