It’s fine that you do not want others to swam your “race” and take over your living place, your beloved nation. You love your nation and your “race”, so you are  nationalists. So do and are others! You must remember that!

Where the fuck were you or your forebears when your own people, your governments invaded other people living places, murdered them, raped their women, looted their national resources , took them back home as slaves, and took over their land? Where the fuck are you now when your governments, your people together with the fucking Americans bombing, murdering people in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia destroying their living places?

(Side note: By the way what the fuck is your “American” race? How did you have that “beloved USA nation” of yours? Your fucking God had given it to you before He died? Or your fucking Christian ancestors came murdering others and took over their land? I know you “whites” and “Christians” Americans are so high cultured, righteous and honest, so I leave the answer to you! I do trust high cultured, civilized people, you know!)

Oh! I know. You believe that  are Europeans, you are whites, you are so civilized, your fucking cultures are so high,  therefore you have the right to swam other peoples of low “races” (to civilize them) and take over other people rich-natural resource places that you believe only you deserve to have! It sounds very much fucking Talmudic Jewishness! 

As for Mr Brave Paul Craig Roberts, where were you when your fucking beloved Ronald Reagan and your Christian people committed crimes against the peoples of Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras? Oh! you were there with them! It’s YOU, who came to destroy their land, their homes, so they come to “yours!”

Ah! I remember  George Orwell correctly observed:  “The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.” No wonder!

For me, I have learned a very good lesson that “those who love their country and their race” don’t want to know history and science. It’s so inconvenient to their beliefs.

That’s all folks!